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Man "Do You Like It Here Now? (Are You Settling In Alright)" {Wales} [1971](Classic Rock)

One of my all time favourites :o) So I am happy to fulfill the request for it.

I (personally) love every track on this album and have, over the years listened to it many many times and can still listen to it with a feeling of freshness in my ears.

Side one of the original vinyl started out with "Angel Easy", a nice confident tight beat that was released live on the Greasy Truckers album. That is followed with a quirky song that has some quips about the recent tour with Help Yourself (having a friendly dig at said band - Malcolm Morley and Ken Whaley would later appear on the Man album Rhinos Winos & Lunatics, so I am assured the quips are friendly). The side ends with the beautiful "We're Only Children" piece that has some real excellent and sesnsitive guitar work.

Side two has what would become a stage favourite "Many Are Called But Few Get Up" followed by a Deke Leonard classic "Manillo" and ending with (in my eyes the album's best track) "Love Your Life". I remember being in Singapore with only this album on my phone and being stuck out there for three weeks. I listened to it every morning when travelling to the place I was working and NEVER once grew tired of any song on it.

"Manillo" also appears on the 2002 Man Band Album "Undrugged". You mean to say these guys were under the Influence of something??? Arggh - I never guessed. LOL. A few extra verses appear on the later version.

This pic of the band appeared on the original album (Still have a good quality copy of it).


  1. Angel Easy (Ace/John/Jones/Leonard/Williams)
  2. All Good Clean Fun (Ace/John/Jones/Leonard/Williams)
  3. We're Only Children (Ace/John/Jones/Leonard/Williams)


  1. Many Are Called But Few Get Up (Ace/John/Jones/Leonard/Williams)
  2. Manillo (Ace/John/Jones/Leonard/Williams)
  3. Love Your Life (Ace/John/Jones/Leonard/Williams)

The Band in 72 were...

Martin Ace Bass guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Clive John Organ, Piano, Vocals

Michael Jones Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Roger (Deke) Leonard Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Terry Williams Drums

I'd be gratefuil if anyone has covers for this. 256 sampled throughout.

Info taken from here =


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Thank you...:-)

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Thanks...very cool...Monty,The Hebridean Hawklord.

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thank you!, thank you!, thank you! I have been missing this LP for quite some time and it seems almost impossible to find on vinyl, a Truely great LP Man's best IMHO thanks again :-)

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Reuploaded with Covers but in 192

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new link with covers

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Thanks to Anonymous, his last post is a really working link !!

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