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Tim Dawe "Penrod" {USA}[1970](Psychedelic)

I may not be a fan of US Prog but US Psych is possibly the best and this little beauty is one of them.

From: Stephane Rebeschini (source: Borderline's Psychedelic Archive) Tim Dawe appeared on the scene in 1969 with an album on Frank Zappa's Straight label. Penrod was a superb debut, full of psychedelic folk rock with lots of organ, harpsichord and brilliant acid guitar. Four masterpieces are included:- Nite Train Home, Junkie John, Sometimes Alone (with strong percussion) and
Didn't We Love.

The result stands comparison to another more well known Straight artist, Tim Buckley. Quite surprisingly, however, the backing group doesn't seem to have played on other albums (unless they were using pseudonyms).

Dawe then wrote songs for Rod Taylor and It's A Beautiful Day (Places Of Dreams and Bitter Wine, on Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime).

In 1976 he returned with an interesting west-coast album produced by the ex- It's A Beautiful Day member Mitchell Holman, who also played bass on it. Another ex-It's A Beautiful Day, member Hal Wagenet, also played guitar, whilst Patricia Pickens, was an excellent vocalist. On this album Dawe included versions of Bitter Wine and Junkie John together with nine new songs. It was recorded in Coos Bay, Oregon.

In 1978, he produced A Night On The Wine Cellar (Cabernet GWC 101), a live folk/ blues album on which he sang three new songs, along with Billy Roberts and other Californian local artists.

Album Credits

Side One
1. Scarlet Women 2:25
2. Nite Train Home 3:45
3. Nothing At All 4:20
5. Little Boy Blue 2:15
6. Junkie John 7:20

Side Two
7. Sometimes Alone 4:10
8. No Exit (Cafe and Gallery) 5:20
9. I'm Comin' 3:45
10. Some Other Time 3:48
11. Didn't We Love 4:46

Tim Dawe- Guitar, Vocals
Arnie Goodman- Keyboards
Chris Kebeck- Guitar
Claude Mathis- Drums
Don Parrish- Bass
Jerry Yester- Producer


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Many, many thanks for this - I had the LP back in early 70s and have been looking to get it again for some long while - his voice has haunted me for ages.

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Could you please repost "Penrod". I used to have the LP but I lost it. I think Tim Dawe's voice is one of the most original and powerful in the rock music history... Many thanks from the night manager.

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