Friday, July 20, 2007

GÄA "Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus" {Germany} [1974] (Progressive, Symphonic, Space)

We all need some kraut so here I give you an album I have never heard off and have only seen one time. The group name is GÄA an old ancient greek word for the earth. They were from Sorland located in the southewestern part of Germany. Its a progressive album with some space and symphonic wibes. Maybe like a cross between Wallenstein and Necronomicon. Its really fun that they sing in german its dosent sound like anything else I have heard before.
Only 300 copies were sold back in 1974 and the remainig were trashed. Last time I spoted a copy the price was something like 1000 DEM. But remeber only becuse a copy is rare or expensive it dosent means it have to be good. Its up to you!

Werner: Jungmann vocal, percussion
Werner Frey: guitar vocal
Gunter Lackes keyboard, vocal
Peter Bell: bass, flute, vocal
Stefan Dorr: drums, vocal

1. Uranus
2. Bossa Rustical
3. Tanz Mit Dem Mond
4. Mutter Erde
5. welt Im Dunkel
6. Gäa

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Best wishes from Sweden


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Roderick Verden said...

This album is excellent!

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Thanks to share this album!

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sounds interesting! thanks a lot! (and btw, rapidshare doesnt suck at all actually)

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Grate record, thanx a lot.

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