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Ame Son "Catalyse"{France}[1970](Progressive)

1970 French Gatefold Original. Ame Son Were One Of The Earliest Prog Bands To Cross-Polinate Free Jazz With Psychedelic Music, Especially On Their Full-Length "Catalyse," Released In 1970. Many Tracks Begin In An Avant Free-Form Jam That Eventually Develop Into More Structured Song And Rhythm, With Lyrics In Either French Or English, And Then Slips Back Into Another Wild Free-Form Freak-Out. Prominent Flute, Drugged-Out Vocals, And Fuzzed-Up Electric Guitar Lend This A Definite Late-'60s Underground Vibe, Though Because Of The Originality Of The Material And The Quality Of Musicianship, It Doesn't Sound Dated Like Similar Releases From That Era. Regarded By Connoisseurs Of The Genre As A Masterpiece.

The classic LP by French prog quartet formed from members of Daevid Allen's
"Bananamoon" outfit. Originally released in 1970, these long spacey jams have
obvious Gong influences.

01 (6:15) Seventh Time Key/I Just Want To Say
02 (6:58) Eclosion/Marie Aux Quatre Vents
03 (8:50) Coeur Fou/La Globule/Le Mai Sonne
04 (6:16) Reborn This Morning On The Way Of.../Unity
05 (6:57) A Coup De H/Les Sables Mouvent
06 (6:37) Hein, Quant A Toi/Comme Est Morte l'Evocation/Hommage
07 (2:56) Le Veux Juste Dine
08 (3:56) Unity

Marc Blanc- voice, drums
Bernard Lavialle- guitar
Francois Garrel- voice, flute
Patrick Fontaine- bass

Playing Time : 48:45

Interestingly, the track 04 - Reborn This Morning On The Way Of...,Unity has a second in the Flute intro which is 19 seconds into the song and is taken from The Man Band song Poella Puella which is on the Revelation album. So I included that song in case anyone wanted to check. Whether this means that Francois Garrel was on that album I dont know. Any information would be gratefully received.

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The security system of my navigator reccomend me not to download this achive(?).Any chance of a re-up?
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Hi folks!

It's Marc BLANC (not Clanc) and the sorty goes on with AMESONG (can be visited on Myspace!).



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Thank you kindly - I just Cut And Paste - Correcting as you speak Merci Beaucoups

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