Sunday, July 22, 2007

Billy Bond Y La Pesada "Del Rock And Roll Vol 1" {Argentina} [1971] ( Blues Rock)

Lord what I love Argentina how can a country produce such great groups like Pappo's Blues, Aeroblus, Almendra and Billy Bond?! Well this is the first album in the heavy blues genre that he made back in 1971. He got the idea to found a group with the best muscians from Argentina. Billy was born in Italy but moved to Argentina. He have released several singles and two solo albums before the Y La Pesada period. The intresting thing is that Y La Pesada Was like an open community wich people could leave and join as they wanted. Some of the muscians that was member of the group was Pappo (from Pappo's Blues) Javier Martines the drummer from Manal and Luis Alberta Spinetta that played with Almendra. All this people plays on this album. If you like heavy blues like Pappo's Blues or Chicken Shack but in spanish this is something for you. (I got some more albums with him let me know if it is intresting : ) )


1. Salagan Al Sol
2. Divertido
3. Verdes Prados
4. Buen Dia Senor Presidente
5. El parque
6. Cada Dia Somos Mas
7. Dueno De Tu Piel

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Best wishes from Sweden


Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

Copy paste

Anonymous said...

Hi! thanks for posting the great music of my country! La Pesada is a legend, it was kind of an all stars team in those years, and the musicians that played there all left a mark in Argentinean rock doing different styles. If you want to try something really progressive and oustanding, please look for Crucis, Bubu, Espiritu, Invisible and Pablo El Enterrador. Best,

I.P. Knightly said...

If you like heavy blues like Pappo's Blues or Chicken Shack ...

Enough said - I'm in! I just love basic grunt & roll wah-wah bloooz ...

Pappo, Almendra, Manal, Billy Bond - jeez, Argentina was a really happenin' place back in the 70's - what a lot of great stuff much of the world never heard!

Thanks for this and yes please post more - I can't wait.



Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

Ok man I will post his other stuff this week..Some intresting things will show up too so hang on! :D

I.P. Knightly said...

Thanks very much - I'm looking forward to it!


Josef Gaishun said...

Hi! This is a terrific weblog, that introduced me to many great bands.

I invite you all to my blog, where I posted and will post music from other great 70s argentinian artists, like Invisible, Bubu, Aquelarre, Color Humano, Los Gatos, Pescado Rabioso, Spinetta Jade, Manal, Arco Iris, Moris, Raúl Porchetto, Roque Narvaja, David Lebón.

Thanks for everything!

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