Sunday, July 15, 2007

Donovan "Bold Young Bugger" {UK}[19??](Folk)

I have no idea at all when this album was released. In fact as it is an Unreleased album the term released hardly applies. Recorded would be more accurate.

It is referred to as Donovan with Nigel Kennedy however, Nigel does not play a great part in the proceedings. They sound like demos for an album and I would think it most likely an 80's thing looking at the picture of Donovan and Nigel Kennedy together on the sleeve.


01 Why Do Lovers Lie
02 Dance The Dance
03 Lay Down Lassie
04 All About Eve
05 Rosie
06 Half Moon Bay
07 Lady Euphoria
08 Mandrake’s Theme
09 Moon In Capricorn
10 Darling I Love You
11 Lady Of The Flowers
12 Madrigalinda
13 The Bold Young Bugger
14 The Girl Who Used To Live Here
15 Liquid Gold (White Gold Ring)

A couple of tracks appeared on Neutronica (1980). However, Donovan has tracks written many years before they appear on actual releases. So this recording could be late 70's stuff. For Donovan fans this is a treat - Mostly just the Man himself with acoustic guitar. Any date info would be appreciated.


ZaXXoN said...

woodstock69 said...

can you reupp this as a .zip?
can't open this, I tried with 3 programms but all couldn't extract track 12-15 + 2 covers

many thanks
amadeus :)

ZaXXoN said...

OK - Posted Tracks 12 - 15 with Artwork as a .zip to...

audentity said...

I too am having problems with your posted archives. As far I can tell the first rar file contains tracks 1 and 3-10. The second zip archive has 12-15 and the jpgs. So I'm missing tracks 2 and 11. Thanks.

Audentity said...

Ignore earlier message. ZipGenius was the program I was using that couldn't correctly unpack the rar archive. Used 7-Zip and all the files appeared. Thanks and sorry for the previous email. Note: There was a CRC error with track 12.

ZaXXoN said...

OOPS. Downloaded this and comments are correct - Gimme an hour and it will be on Rapidshare

ZaXXoN said...

A COMPLETE repost to Rapidshare can be found at ...

My reason for using other File Hosting services was to avoid the wait 200 minutes that Rapidshare does.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. It's cool seeing rare recordings from the great artists of the 60's and 70's. Donovan still sounds great and is kind of like the energizer bunny.

bikeboy said...

Hi - just found this & would love to hear it. The rapidshare link is no longer working. Any chance of a re-up? It would be most appreciated!

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