Thursday, July 05, 2007

Man "Slow Motion" {Wales}[1974] (Rock)

When I first bought this album I was somewhat disappointed. The merging of Man and Help Yourself into one band for 'Rhinos' and the subsequent 1999 Space Party tour, was exciting. And the loss of Malcolm Morley and the reduction of the band to a four piece was a let down. Gone was the arena rock majesty of Roy Thomas Baker production. What followed was seemingly a hastily slapped together collection of very sparsely arranged songs.

Looking back on the album over thirty years later, however, it has held up surprisingly well. There are a number of great songs here, and they are performed with great energy. It's not surprising that this material stayed in the live set while 'Rhinos' was left by the wayside. Even when I saw them during the 1999 Space Party there was no material from 'Rhinos' in the set. True they only played four songs. This was also their last studio album for United Artists. They turned in one last live album to finish the contract and went off for a brief stay at MCA.

1. Hard Way to Die (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
2. Grasshopper (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
3. Rock & Roll You Out (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
4. You Don't Like Us (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
1. Bedtime Bone (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
2. One More Chance (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
3. Rainbow Eyes (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)
4. Day And Night (Williams/Whaley/Jones/Leonard)

Micky Jones--Guitar and Singing
Ken Whaley--Plays Bass
Terry Williams--Plays Drums, Sings and Does all the Effects
Deke Leonard--Plays Guitar and Some Piano and Sings


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