Monday, July 09, 2007

Landberk "Indian Summer"{Sweden}[1996](Progressive)

This is a totally new band to me, I decided to buy one of Landberk's albums after hearing how good they are from several people. I agree, to some extent. Landberk are a relatively typical Swedish band with lots of Scandinavian melancholy in their music. However, do not expect to hear another Änglagård here, all the songs here are rather simple, with influences from alternative rock, I hear something similar to "Spirit of Eden" era Talk Talk too. I was told they are somewhat similar to KC and Gentle Giant, but I do not hear it here. This is the only Landberk album I own, so I don't know about the others. The musicianship is excellent, I especially enjoy Stefan Dimle's tasty bass-lines and Reine Fiske's crunchy guitar playing. Some mellotron can be heard too. As others have pointed out, Patri Helje's singing sounds much like Bono of U2.

The compositions are mainly excellent, the album has many hauntingly beautiful melodies. My favs are "Humanize" and the beautiful "Why Do I Still Sleep". Actually, the only flaw I can find here, is that the songs are not diverse enough to keep you satisfied forever. "Indian Summer" is a perfect album for an occasional spin in your cd-player, but with repeated listening, it might get a bit boring after a while. Much recommended anyway. (Progarchives Review).

01 - Humanize
02 - All Around Me
03 - 1st Of May
04 - I Wish I Had A Boat
05 - Dustgod
06 - Dreamdance
07 - Why Do I Still Sleep
08 - Indian Summer

Reine Fiske - Guitar
Sebastian Öberg - Cello (04)
Simon Nordberg - Keyboards
Patric Helje - Vocals
Sara Isaksson - Vocals (07)
Stefan Dimle - Bass
Jonas Lindholm - Drums
Lotta Johansson - Saw (01)


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ZaXXoN said...

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I haven´t heard this one, but the first of Landberks albums is the most 70´s sounding. Lots of early King Crimson influence, not the 21st Century kind but the mellow and haunting style. The second is more mainstream but with beautiful Swedish folkmusic thrown in here and there. Both are very much recommended. Landberk later became Paatos who are in my opinion even better, veening towards more modern prog like Porcupine Tree.

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The link for this does not work. Can you please upload it?



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(320 Sample with Artwork)

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