Sunday, July 15, 2007

Little Wolf Band "Dream Song"{Native American}[1995]"New Age"

The sky blesses me.
The earth blesses me.
Up in the skies I cause the Spirit to dance.
On the earth I cause the people to dance.
- Cree round dance.

Artist: Little Wolf
Release Date: Jun 28, 1995
Label: Artemis Records
Genre: New Age
Styles: Contemporary Instrumental

Critic's Review:
Little Wolf Band is the creation of Native American producer/performer Jim Wilson, a project that means to celebrate Native American songs as living things, as sources and keepers of wisdom, emotion and spirit. Wilson has achieved this with a sterling blend of samples and beats, mixing in some live instruments and live voices to help shape his work. If NA songs are seen as keys to doors to different states of being, states of mind, then this is a collection of keys. Given this, Wilson has crafted an album of fine assists to a trance state, one that bears up well under auto-repeat, even endless shuffle play. The mixtures of samples have an intriguingly hypnotic effect, pleasant and beguiling, mysterious and yet comforting. ~ Steven McDonald, All Music Guide

01 Prayer Song 6:25
02 Oweegon 4:38
03 Coyote Dance 6:32
04 Song For The Journey 2:33
05 Eagle Dream 6:57
06 Moonlight 3:02
07 Jaguar 4:42
08 Night Chant 1:46
09 Buffalo Nation 6:16
10 Raven 5:17
11 - Twisted Hair 5:56
12 - Twisted Hair (Continued) 6:00

Celso Machado Percussion
Chief Seattle Liner Notes
Dave Pickell Arranger, Programming, Producer, Adaptation
David Carson Narrator, Liner Notes
David Elledge Technical Assistance
Herman Martinez Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Jim Stallings Bass
Jim Wilson Guitar, Arranger, Programming, Producer, Adaptation
John Barlit Guitar, Drums
K.D. Kagel Executive Producer

Personally I love this sort of thing. Alternate cover of the re-release. And info on Jim Wilson at Jim Wilson


ZaXXoN said...

Georgi The Bulgarian said...

Thanks, the first 6 songs sound good, but the rest of the files are corrupt.

ZaXXoN said...

Hmm - Not corrupt on my copy - Will look into this and UP the files again if so.

ZaXXoN said...

As I said - They sound Fine here. So I uploaded the problem tracks to another server. If anyone else notices the problem with the original post I will repost the beginning too to Rapidshare.

Fill Link:

j said...

Worked fine for me, thanks!!

jp_linus said...

Now is the first link that it not work, is posible to repost de link?. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Updated link? The 2nd works, and I'd love to ehar the first 6 songs. Thanks!

ZaXXoN said...

New Complete link =

A note about this updated link - I had lost this album many months ago and a Re-Up was only made possible due to my good friend isabelbc who still had a copy of this fine album. So thanks to Isabel :o)))

bobbysu said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Any chance for re-uploading this album?? Pretty please :)

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