Friday, July 20, 2007

Glenn Faria "ST" {USA} [197?] (Singer-Songwriter, Acid, Folk, Blues)

Well here we got some really rare stuff Glenn Farian's selftitled album from the 70's. Some books says it was released 1976 and some says 1970. For you that knows a little bit about US psychadelic knows that he was one of the members of the group Headstone Circus. Well this is a mega rare piece of art that was released on the Tiger Lily label that have some connection with Roulette if I don't remember wrong. The whole recording of the album took five years to do and could problaby be an album to be released on a major label presumably on the Roulette label.
This is the CD version with 7 bonus tracks and they are really good.
Well if you like electric folk and singer songwriter mixed with some acid (not so much acid) this is something for you.

(Sorry for the picture I didn't found a better one)
As you can see I dont know a lot of the muscians that appears on the album please help.

Guitar, Glenn Faria
Drums, ?
Bass, ?
Piano, ?

1. Born In Georgia
2. Summer's Gone
3. Reason To Live
4 Centuries To Live
5 Feast Your Eyes
6. Love Is Calling
7. No Time For Your Tears
8. Im Crazy
9. Im Crazy (original demo)
10. Get Off My Back
11. I Can't Take It
12. Strange Love
13. Im Goin' Down
14. You Got To live
15. Bear Down

Download link in comments
Best wishes from Sweden


Unknown said...

Copy paste you know

ZaXXoN said...

Thanks for this - I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Glenn Faria, so nice to read these compliments and to know somebody still listens
to me. I'm alive and well, still play some,
my email is

Anonymous said...

We booked Glenn into the Prism Coffee House in the early 1970's. Many songs on the CD were played with guitar alone and were awesome. I picked up the CD and listen to Summers Gone regularly on my playlist.

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