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Chalot Veronique - "A L'entrèe Du Tèmps Clair" {France} [1982] (folk/celtic)

Study the traditional guitar with the Academy of Le Havre. 2005 - Creation of the Veziana group: an exploration of the musical practices on both sides of the Pyrenees of the Middle Ages until the current interpretation of the traditional musics. 2003 - She takes part in Rennes with the recording of CD "Noma' S" produced by Coop-Breiz 1998 - She melts the whole of old musics Volubilis Florens
continuation with a musical artistic career exerted since a score of years in particular in Italy. Its first approach of the song turns to a thorough research of the various forms of traditional song, the lament, the ballade, the reverdies, the pastourelles ones. She takes part in the creation of workshops of traditional dances in the Arts centre of Etno-Musical Florence F.L.O.G Incontro dei gruppidi Ricerca (France, Italy, Ireland, England.) She is in Florence where it lived more than 10 years that it starts a research on the old music Italian and Iberian. She instinctive approach of the song at the beginning will grow rich by the contributions of the new musical productions related to current research on the old musics. 1975-1989- - Take part in many festivals on the international level, i
in Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Verone, in Sicily, Sardinia) in England in London. 1972 - Take an active part as an interpreter in the movement "Rivival" of the traditional musics and begins its career by occurring with the Club from Folk "the Bumblebee" and in "American Center" in Paris.

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nice female vocal,good traditional folk with various instruments.
thanks to lyrkoss :)


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Awesome !!! Please post her other lps !!!

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I would love to hear her others!! Thanks much


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reup please!

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reup please!

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