Thursday, July 05, 2007

Trapeze "Medusa" {UK}[1970](Classic Rock)

Not only is Medusa the finest offering from '70s outfit Trapeze , it is one of the decade's most underappreciated hard rock recordings. With a lineup that consisted of future Deep Purple , Judas Priest , and Black Sabbath members, there seems to be proof that at least a few fellow musicians appreciated this 1971 offering. Fans of his later work might be surprised by Glenn Hughes ' soulful vocal delivery, especially on the mid-tempo blues-rockers like 'Black Cloud' and 'Your Love Is Alright.' Guitarist Mel Galley also deserves mention for his sparse approach to classic rock riffing that is catchy and affective. Even the ballads are focused, memorable, and unique. There are some melodic moments on the closing title track that sound almost as if a '90s alt-rock crooner composed them. Considering that Medusa predates many similar, and more successful, classic rock LPs from the likes of Bad Company , Nazareth , Foreigner , and others, it's a wonder that the record isn't mentioned more when influential albums of this era are discussed. ~ Vincent Jeffries, All Music Guide

1. "Black Cloud" (Galley; Galley) 6:13
2. "Jury" (Hughes) 8:10
3. "Your Love Is Alright" (Galley; Hughes; Holland) 4:54
4. "Touch My Life" (Galley; Galley) 4:06
5. "Seafull" (Hughes) 6:34
6. "Makes You Wanna Cry" (Galley; Galley) 4:41
7. "Medusa" (Hughes) 5:40


Dave Holland - Drums
Glenn Hughes - Bass, Piano, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Mel Galley - Guitar, Vocals

Produced by John Lodge


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