Monday, July 23, 2007

Daevid Allen & Das "The Mystery Disque (Das Duz Dae Duz Das) "{UK}[2006](Avantgarde)

Bananamoon Obscura #07:

We press play, leaning forward with slight apprehension.
We await the first wave of blissful deception.
We are perpetually rewarded. A series of gleeful pataphysical encounters with a mysterious creator of BIG CITY ORCH in SFOakland, Cal. I mean just sip the first track...

SEz dAS: ahhh details, meself i'd have virtually none but we might want to mention the following:

21c Progrok man is remix from "Replayer".

Barnicool Bill is remix from "Salty Sea Shantys For Young Pirates".

Masterfreek is the full length version remixed from BCO's "Greatest Hits & Test Tones".
No Udder radio exzert is from KPFA in 2003.

DAE: I wanna call it dAS duz dae duz dAS...
dAS: methinks you are teasing me but I prefer mysteries.

Number 7 of the limited "Bananamoon Obscura" series.

1 21c Progrok (5:06)
2 Clown Is Petrol (3:34)
3 Master Freek (6:33)
4 Barnicool Bill (3:27)
5 Not Smiling... (5:53)
6 Artscrew (7:16)
7 Stuckinmybrain (9:03)
8 I Planet (5:11)
9 No Udder... (3:33)

Artistic Enhancements Feature the Following:
daevid allen:

Nina Pixie:
aka ninaH pixie
Werner Slack:
Rob Workman:
aka rob worDman
Phil Knight:
(Legendary Pink Dots)
Alan Harrick:
aka alan hErrick
Michael Clare:
(University of Errors)
Russ Kant:
aka russ kEnt
Malissa Margolis:
aka mElissa margolis
Mark Robson:
(Kangaroo Moon)
Michael Gandeau:
aka michael gEndeau (Crawling with Tarts)
aka daS

Mystery Disque


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