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Love Cry Want "Love Cry Want"{USA}[1972](Psych Jazz)

Cant find a decent image of this one but it is not for the feint hearted.

June 1972, Lafayette Park, Washington DC. Richard Nixon ordered aide, J.R. Haldeman, to pull the plug on the concert fearing that this strange music would 'levitate the White House.' Here is that music." [ press release]

Love Cry Want is a monstrous piece of psych-jazz, sorta like the most zonked moments of Tony Williams' Emergency Mark I further extended into some unimaginably degenerate mutation.? Over the course of an hour, Larry Young's space organ is repeatedly injected into a maelstrom of primitive guitar synths, spastic ring modulated moans and an abundance of percussion.? Technically-speaking, it's probably closer to free rock than free jazz and in the end, it's one of those discs so dissociating that I wouldn't dare listen to it outside of sobriety.? Heavy?? No shit. That this group was never documented until 1997 only hints at how much of this genre has fallen through the cracks.? So yeah, muchos gracias to Love Cry Want percussionist (also the mind behind Joe Gallivan for embracing his past work... and thereby allowing us other freaks to do the same. [DW]

Did manage to track down Love Cry Want & it is indeed all that & a bag of chips!? This is some of the most whacked music ever made!? The drummer & guitarist are both playing through prototype drum & guitar synthesizers, Larry Young's doin' his outer space organ thing-- sheer Nirvana!? Each 10+ minute song has more musical ideas bubbling around (in a remarkably cohesive & flowing fashion) than you can shake a stick at!? Moments of unholy beauty & red-hot scree bumpin' right next to each other, never losing the flow.? That this music was created & '72 & more importantly, that this music was *heard by* & *scared the shit out of* Tricky Dick Nixon brings a smile to my face a mile wide.? Get it if you know what's good for you! [JW]

01 (07:06) Peace (for Dakota and Jason)
02 (05:10) Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday
03 (09:27) The Great Medicine Dance
04 (04:48) Angels Wing
05 (10:10) Ancient Place
06 (15:06) Love Cry

Nicholas - Prototype Guitar Synthesizer, Ring Modulator, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Water, High-Tension Wires, and Wailing Dervish

Joe Gallivan- Drums, Steel Guitar, Moog Synthesizer, Percussion

Jimmy Molneiri- Drums, Percussion

Larry Young- Hammond Organ

It starts off like some Free Form Funkafied Filth but quickly meta-morphs into an album that compares well with what McLaughlin was doing at the time. His "prototype guitar synthesiser" is actually just a heavily processed electric guitar, and its sound is now creakily dated even while Nicholas urges the music into the space age.

The nearest comparator is probably what Abercrombie and Surman were doing in the same year -- a grainy, Coltrane-inspired jam which would quickly become unfashionable. Not of the same musicianly standards, this is a more quirky record, and a highly enjoyable one for that.

Larry Young is always value for money, and his contribution here lifts what might otherwise have been a rather immature fusion session.

Prepare for something special and 'levitate the White House!!!'


ZaXXoN said...

Anonymous said...

I'm astonished by the level of power in this record. It's simply great, thus I must listen to it few times to understand [!] what they are playing.

One of this records that gives me a thrill. I wish to see such a concert live.

Absolutely great stuff.

Anonymous said...

it would be lovely to hear it. please give us a link or take it down. it's driving me mad just reading about it!

Anonymous said...

Can you please repost? Link is dead.

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up? I've been looking for this for a while.

ZaXXoN said...


File: love cry want - same (us 1972 psych jazz free rock).rar

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I can't believe no one has really picked up where Larry Young left off on organ.

ZaXXoN said...

You are vry welcome Don.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard this one, but the descriptions make my mouth water!!!

Any chance for a new link?

Zaxxon's repost link is dead.


ZaXXoN said...

Dont worry Mike - it's just Rapidshare trying to change the rules and force everyone to part with cash.

Try Megaopload instead :

:o) Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hi ZaXXon,
You're very kind and this is one of the best albums I've ever heard!!!
Everybody needs to hear this!

roberto t. said...

I'm a little late but megaupl. link is still working. Many thanks!

joe gallivan said...

I have some new CDs of Love Cry want-------enail me @

moesgaard said...

2LP reissue out on the Weird Forest label, with a great artwork.

spacedBoogie said...

This is so far off the charts it defies explanation! Thanks for the upload.

Unknown said...

they did a crazy show at the Coracran Art Gallery in DC when I was a teen and changed my life. around 69-70 i think. there was an oil splash light show that involved weather baloons being bounced over the stage.

Is there a still working site for this stuff any more?

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