Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bun Hunga - "Relax" {BEL} [1971] @320 (Psychploitation)

Little known gem by Dutch hammond king Roland Thyssen under his Bun Hunga pseudonym which has already been tipped as one of the best exploited albums of the continent.

"Relax" sounds more like 1969 than 1971, with prominent organ and fuzz guitar, and horns. Some tracks are actually quite ambitious... ànd well-succeeded, e.g. "Play for Suzy" sounds as if the Nice were doing an exploitative instrumental in three parts. "Diplomatic", a brilliant exploitation-ish track with a car chase fuzz guitar, is another highlight, as is the quite different "African honeymoon", a superbly jazzy slice which distantly reminds of "Listen here".

Think The Underground Set, La Formule Du Baron, Jungle Obsession, Mandingo and other groovers of the era... this is European exploitation as it's best."

Anyone into gwoovy library music or sixties music should be delighted by this reissue. (pv)


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Bun Hunga-"Relax""

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