Saturday, November 25, 2006

Zartong - "Zartong" {Armenia} (1978) (prog rock)

Symphonic prog with folky melodies, released in France.i couldnt find a good review on net.Keep listening & Links in comments..

keLe keLe..

friends; more into traditional folk/classical music, may look for Suren Asaduryan - The Voice of Duduk or the tales of apricot tree released in 2004

Gunum Guneslim. ..


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Anonymous said...

sin comentarios , me aburre

Ed said...

Ce quartet de musiciens armeniens se composait de Lorys Tildian (kermantcha - sorte de violon oriental) Stephan Akian (santour instrument proche de la cythare - et synthé), Frank Tildian (basse) et Richard Tanelian (batterie). Le groupe prodigue un rock progressif matiné des influences des airs traditionnels et des chants liturgiques armeniens. Il privilege une musique climatique alternant passages éthérés, oniriques et impressionistes soulignés par des vagues de synthés flottants et enveloppants, des choeurs aériens et graves, empreints de solennité avec les poctuations d'une basse saturé et des séquences très rythmées, énergiques et mélodieuses. Le santour, aux sonorités cristallines et métalliques accentue les climats vaporeux de leur musique avec ces longues plages où choeurs, santeur et une basse grondante dérivient et se répondent sur une trame rythmique lancinante. Ce groupe se rapproche d'Asia Mineur en plus climatique, avec une tendance moins torturée et moins intense.
La discographie du Rock Français (Musea)
Rock on ;-)

ires said...

this is one of my favourite music. i close my eyes and listen this music. i find myself so so far away may be upon the clouds, sometimes over the "yayla":). lots and lots of thanks naha. i hope you'll always be here with your best choises. lots of love dear.

Anonymous said...

According to the vinyl covers' scans, the tracklist is wrong (the song "Toy Narguiz" is missing). There are some mistakes too in the files' name ("Prosopée" instead of "Prosopoeo" for example).

Many thanks though for this prog-folk gem ! Cheers from France!

nahavanda said...

honestly this is not my vinyl rip. But a friend who have the vinyl will send me vinyl rip at a soon date.

the pity thing on this album: song related to each other..and the guy who ripped it cut the songs wrongly.

for these kind of vinyl rips (songs related to each other) it will be better to serve them with single file..

i downloaded this from 7 different sources with 7 different bitrate. the most ok one was you notice i am still unsure of track orders (i am quite sure that no track missing) when the other vinyl rip i get,i will check this and if there is a mistake i will fix it..promise :)

good days

Anonymous said...

I posted comments here last week, clarifying the track listing, but it's not here now so I don't know what happened.
There only seems to be one track missing, judging by track times given on the insert which is included in the download. However, track one still ends very suddenly, but there does not seem to be a track following on directly (track two in the download fades in and seems to have it's own beginning, rather than seguing like much of the record).
Also there is a very jarring and wrong-sounding transition from one of the early side 2 tracks, into the track following. If these don't go together, then I suggest the track times listed are actually not all correct, because it sounds very much like there's something missing that would make the join sound more 'right', but the listed times make it look like the missing track is from before these two [ie. side 2, track 1], not in between them [ie. side 2, track 2]. I'm confused! Most of the tracks in the download do clearly segue together, though, and it's only in these places mentioned that something seems to be missing.

Anonymous said...

an exelent album. thanks prog not frog.

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