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Clockwork - "Clockwork" {USA} [1973] (rock)

Well i searched the net for more than 2 hours. I couldnt find even a sentence to copy/paste here. A friend requested this a few months ago. 2 weeks ago i reached the album. All i know is: it released from greene bottle records in 1973. A true treasure for lovers of this type. Keep listening and links in comments..

track 6..
track 2..


nahavanda said...


Anonymous said...

hi; can you provide the track list of Clockwork?
much obliged

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks this is the stuff
from the opening of first song great!

be@nd said...

Mike Bugara - gtr, vcls
Mike Duruttya - horns, vcls
Jim Korleski - vcls, keybd.
Bill McCrea - vcls, perc.
Jim Miller - hrmnca
John Sineri - drms
Dave Sorge - gtr
Gary Zeigler - bs

fuzz acid flowers revisited by
vernon joynson

be@nd said...

found in ebay this tracklist

1. Music Box
2. Hazy Shade Of Winter
3. Nothing Left For Me
4. Hitchcock Railway
5. After Today
6. Now That We Know
7. Bye Bye Lady
8. Country Side Woman
9. Rock 'n' Roll Woman

seems as if track 8 is missing

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to upload track 8 "Country Side Woman"?
Thx in advance.


mainstriem said...

Whoa, like it! So much good old music still undiscovered... Thank U!

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's no end to what you can find on the Internet these days. A lot of the music on this album was arranged and rehearsed in my parents' basement in Alliance, Ohio. My brother Dave helped put the band together in the mid 60's. The guys were, and still are, one of the top blue-eyed soul bands around. This was their effort to break out with their own material but the record company never really got behind them. Thanks to all of you who appreciate a good thing when you hear it. If somebody can tell me how, I could upload Country Side Woman.

Julian said...

anonymous.... I've been waiting for this to come out on cd since they were invented. A all-time favorite LP that really should be heard. Like to know who has the master tape. Spoke to the editor of Collectors Choice Music months ago about researching this one. If YOU have the master, give CCM a call and talk about licensing. Just trying to help the music go round and round.

Midnightsun said...

wow ..i found this album here a long time ago and have been trying to find the missing song for some time ..realy like the feel of this one.
mr anonymous if you could upload missing song ..try
chose file click upload and it will give u a link and then just post the link here!
id be very greatfull as i cant find the vinyl.


Julian said...

Midnightsun....I have the vinyl. In fact I have 2 copies. I've been trying to contact anonymous as well. There is a Master Tape somewhere that really needs to be remastered to CD. Collector's Choice Music would be interested in this one. I would imagine they would first like to hear a copy which I would gladly supply. I have already contacted to editor of CCM and have also had contact with the Mag. Goldmine. This really needs to be reissued and heard by the masses. A GREAT lost gem undermined by lack of support from the label. Later...Julian

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm the anonymous poster. I'm sorry I haven't checked back in a while. The last time I did, there were no more comments. I'd like to help in your efforts but I have no idea where the original master tapes would be if they still exist. I will access the site mentioned and attempt to upload some of the songs I have. Hope you enjoy them. BTW - my name is Gary.

Anonymous said...

Okay - I uploaded four Clockwork songs to rapidshare and the links are as follows:

Anonymous said...

Well, the record label was Greene Bottle Records. That label was a subsidiary of Gulf & Western, and they sold the label to ABC/Dunhill, who in turn was sold to MCA/UMG. The master tape is probably in the vaults of Universal Music. So contact them.

NK666 said...

Excellent! Need to have it. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Please, upload to me track 7 "Bye Bye Lady"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

These guys are still performing in the Canton, Ohio area under the name Jimmy and the Soulblazers. If you wanted to get information, their website would be a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I just came across a link on Google that directed me to where, apparently, this album is available on CD. There is also a link to Barnes and Noble on Google. I don't know where they got the CDs but the re-release date was Feb. 1989.

Morly Grey said...

1.Here is another blog from serbia with a picture and .mp3 link

2.More info here

3.CD at Amazon and Barnes and noble is a different band.

4. I still need "Bye Bye Lady" if anyone can upload...previous link on it is not working.

These guys are one of the best bands in music history and the world should know.

jkorleski said... is the website for Jimmy and the Soul Blazers. You can find the bands email address on that site, which goes directly to the band leader, Jimmy Korleski.

Morly Grey said...

Clockwork will soon be rereleased by Homespun Records

matheus cecilio said...

Have fun folks!!

acces code: 1iGhrSwYgO6lfiEMGCUdPs9PLl2MfRZug9PM-cLLhHY

Morly Grey said...

now available at Amazon as CD for $9.99...

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