Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Din Delòn - "La Rosa E La Ramella" {Italy} [2002] (Folk)

Ciao! We all addicted to Italian Prog Bands & Pizza :) There are many great italian prog albums waits you to listen on awesome blogs. Today i want to introduce a folk band from Italy. well this album dedicated to my sweet friend Rooyah. Her biggest dream is oneday she want to open a flower store in Rome..Send some energy with your good wishes to her to make her dream come true :) I am addicted on Italian new scene. Many good works waits you to search for them. One of them for folk style is Din Delon. In the album there are 12 sweet songs my fav. one is Le tre sorelle. but everyone may find his/her favourite one in this album..anyways here is some copy/paste:

Since 1999, when Din delòn was born, based on reasearch on Italian dance songs done by the young musicians of the group, the project has continued to develop. With their second CD 'La rosa e la ramella' published by Folkclub Ethnosuoni from Casale Monferrato, as well as their participation in different festivals and events all over Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Holland, it emerges that the sound of the group is now sailing towards new sonorities, without forgetting the tie which Din Delòn has with traditional italian music. In 2001 Din Delòn recorded a few live tracks for the Italian Swiss Radio. In 2003 FNAC published in Spain a CD compilation with Italian traditional music on which a track from 'La rosa e la ramella' is included.(taken from http://www.dindelon.it) happy listenings..

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Le tRe SoReLLe..

Maybe you are searching for something different..then you may search for Void Generator. They made a new album with the name "We have found the space"

AstRaL mAnupiLAtioNs..


nahavanda said...

link: http://tinyurl.com/yd67wd

SchizoidMan said...

Thank you kindly, chow!

Anonymous said...

Can you put:
Hiro Yanagida - "Same", "Milk time"
"Hiro cosmos",
TAMAM SHUD- Evolution, Goolutionites And The Real People(1969-70),
Norman Haines Band 1971.
I searched in all blogs and there were no results :-(

Piotr from Poland
Thanks a lot

nahavanda said...

Hello Piotr! i have some records of Hiro Yanagida & Tamam Shud i like them too..i try to send them asap.

good days :)

Anonymous said...

links dead

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