Friday, November 17, 2006

Yoo Eun-Sun - "Binari For Beautiful World" {Korea} [2001] (excellent classical fusion)

An Nyung Ha Se Yo! :) A few weeks before i was explaining to a friend that prognotfrog has it is own ethic..Honestly i dont care legality but there must be a
respect for the artists and their works..Especially our type of music needs economically supported.Thats why we dont send much albums from 2000s..About 400 albums sent and maybe 5-6 of them from 2000s (i am not saying anything to bloggers,he/she, who posts new is just about pnf) This make me think of: What if i have only one chance to send an album from 2000s, What may i send? I asked this question to myself..Well if it is prog rock i must think about weeks maybe..If it is prog folk i must think a lot too..but if it is traditional folk/classic fusion i have only one: Yoo Eun-Sun

Many friends usually upload albums to my computer..I dont know who uploaded this one..A few years ago when i first listened the album, it impressed me..years later it is still in same great taste..This album released in 2001..2-3 years before yoo and her band have been on a asia tour made her famous with her work in asian countries..There are 2 traditional instruments in this album that make me addict of this album: He-Keum (traditional fiddle) & De-Keum (traditional bamboo flute like instrument) for a very long time this album is one of its best in its type for me..2 days before i downloaded a better rip from my friend Cassandra W.(thank you)..i wish you enjoy this album too..happy listenings..

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Chunilui chukjun..


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A wonderful album ! Thanks for uploading ... and good luck with your connection !

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