Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Goliath - "Goliath" {UK} [1970] (Prog Rock) (@320)

Goliath were a short-lived but very promising UK band who were fronted by a lady singer called Linda Rothwell. The other members were Eric Eastman on drums & percussion, Joe Rosbotham on tenor sax & flute, Malcolm Grundy on guitar and John Williamson on bass. Their music had elements of rock, folk and blues, as well as an Eastern touch. The track was taken from their eponymous album, released in 1970 on the CBS label. A band with fantastic potential, they faded into obscurity, probably around the early 70's. ttp://

01 - Port And Lemon Lady (4:05)
02 - Festival Of Light (4:58)
03 - No More Trash (3:43)
04 - Hunters Song (9:54)
05 - Men (3:43)
06 - I Heard About A Friend (4:31)
07 - Prism (6:06)
08 - Emerge, Breath, Sunshine, Dandelion (3:32)
09 - Maajun (A Taste of Tangier) (4:30)

- Joseph Rosbotham - Flute and Tenor
- Malcolm Grundy - Guitar
- Linda Rothwell - Vocals
- John Williamson - Bass Guitar
- Eric Eastman - Drums, Vibes and Percussion

04 - Hunters Song ...

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sto54 said...

Where is the LINK for Goliath ?

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2E Prijs said...

Guys, I have been downloading from your blog for a long time, to say the least, THANKS for this huge effort and dedication, people like you are the ones making sure that these treasures pass on to people that really appretiate this music and to those discovering it.

Pleaso keep on, and if not a big problem for you, a little request:

Samurai , the japanese band

Will o the whisp , the second album, quiet hard to find !

David Eduardo Huerta Arias said...!download|226p5|114524108|G70G.rar|82765|0|0

Dee Jay said...

i know Malcom Mundy from the band, he now lives in Torquay, he is still gigging but would love to meet former band members and fans, email me me on and i will pass on any messages

Anonymous said...

Anyone have this in FLAC?

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