Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Karelia - "Suomi Pop" {Finland} [1970] (hippie folk rock)

..armas nukarainen and liyana nyhtankolja are two leading finnish pop "pelimanni". they have tried on this long playing record to preserve the genuine sound and feeling of finnish folk music. they think that the people should be informed about how the melodies were performed in the good old years of finnish history. the finnish people have had musical arrangements of their folk songs in the classical music style (sterilized and dull) stuffed down their throats for hundereds of years..(review taken from the vinyl backcover)
some of the songs in this album remind me the taste of kebnekajse..a forgotten jewel from the past..happy listenings!

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peltoniemen hintriikan surumar..
hauranmaan polska..


nahavanda said...

@256 thanks to cyg for the vinyl rip

link: http://tinyurl.com/ym5kxo

Anonymous said...

thanks! nice to see a finnish music here :)

Anonymous said...

This features some of the craziest singing I have ever heard! Fantastic stuff!

keefhartley said...

great band :) do you have more info or music of them? please write me an email




Raggle Taggle said...

Thanks! I needed a clip from Karelia for a seminar talk I am giving on Finnish folk-rock!

Anonymous said...

link dead

isabelbc said...


Anonymous said...

any possibilty to reupload thi double gem in 256 .i expect back from 2008 to see it but .. nothing.
please reupload in 256 or even in lossless , the mutant sound upload is as usual intriguning but poor for music enthusiasts
Alex in Solex

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