Friday, November 03, 2006

Sahara - ''For All the Clowns''{Germany}[1974](Symphonic Prog.)

The music is rather typical early 70s proto-prog with elements of JETHRO TULL (for the flute-guitar interplay), early YES, and the occasional saxophone riffs remind of early VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR. There are some spacier and/or symphonic parts that recall NEKTAR, GENESIS (around "Trespass"), and maybe early ELOY. Second album of German progressive, "For All The Clowns" is more straighter with an overdose of progressive influences, notably FOCUS / YES and CARAVAN and a potpourri styles.(progarchives)

Album Review
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EelaFree said...

For All The Clowns

Nick Aubert said...

Ogg Vorbis files? This is a first on this blog.

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rodi said...

Nice blog, terrific posts. Thanks a lot for sharing all this wonderful music of my youth. Makes me return to chilhood!

Francis Jan said...

c'est tout de même assez plat dans l'ensemble (à l'exception du court "Prélude" en milieu d'album)

Anonymous said...

link down

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thanxs. this is the best blog in the net!!!
we love PNF

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