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Dionysos - "Le Grand Jeu" {Canada} [1969] (LP) (@224)

Dionysos was formed in 1969 in Valleyfield by Paul-Andre Thibert (vocals), Philippe Bech (flute/keyboards), Andre Mathieu (Hammond organ), Eric Clement (guitar), Jean-Pierre Legault (bass), and Robert Lepage (drums), and apparently was the first rock band in Quebec to have a repertoire that was entirely in French. They scored a hit single, "Suzie", in the fall of 1970, and followed up with a first album entitled "Le Grand Jeu" released in January 1971. The album experiments with psychedelia, blues, and rock and includes some fine progressive moments like the instrumental "L'Age D'Or", which was also released as a single, as well as the monstrous chaos of the 12-minute "Narcotique". The lyrics explore contemporary themes of the day such as drug use and organized religion. A second LP, "Le Prince Croule", was released in 1972, a harder rocking and less accessable effort. Dionysos played at the Montreux jazz festival in 1971, toured parts of Canada in 1972 and 1974 (when the two LPs were re-released on a double compilation), and composed the music for the rock-opera "The Tooth of Crime" which played at Montreal's Centaur Theater. Dionysos was a favorite live act of university students, but as the band's following was limited, the group split up in 1974.

Dionysos went into hibernation during the peak progressive years and, as if to start anew, released a self titled album in 1976. This LP features a new bassist, Fernand Durand, and keyboardist/horn player/flutist Jean-Pierre Forget, who replaced Legault and Bech, and is more blues rock oriented, in the same vein as Offenbach. The music is tighter, the songs shorter and the production crisper. Even Thibert's raspy voice sounds great, resembling Gerry Boulet's at times. One of the highlights, a progressive instrumental called "Ostid' Probleme", sees Bech return to play piano. By then, Quebec music had become more symphonic and folksy, and the band's timing was off. Like many other musicians in the late 1970's, vocalist Paul-Andre Thibert released a solo effort in 1978 called "Musique de mes amis Dionysos" with former band members Clement, Durand, Mathieu, Forget and Lepage, joined by guitarists Michel Lefrancois and Alain Paquette, Richard Perotte (drums), Robert Turmel (bass), and Serge Rehaume (flute). It is also a solid album, which includes two fine instrumentals: one is a remake of their classic renamed "L'Age D'Or II", the other being a curious tribute to Duane Allman by Paquette, called "Bouquet de Roses". In 1994, Thibert regrouped with Clement and Mathieu for a 25th-anniversary reunion tour and released a CD, "Pionnier 1969-1994". This offering is comprised mostly of remakes, yet remains appropriately named after one of the true early pioneers of Quebec rock.

01 - Narcotique (12:02)
02 - Suzie (6:14)
03 - La Colere (4:59)
04 - L'age Du Chlore (8:12)
05 - L'age D'or (6:20)
06 - Agneau De Dieu (6:17)


- Paul-André Thibert: Soliste
- André Mathieu: Orgue
- Fernand Durand: Guitare basse, voix
- Robert Lepage: Batterie, Voix
- Jean-Pierre Forget: Saxophone
- Éric Clément: Guitare

Thanks to ZenBa for the rip & info

05 - L'age D'or ...


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Here you Go:

Parava Hama [Or: Hot Fur] - Self Titled [1998]

A Jazzy Prog band,
very much influenced by Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd..

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And here's another one.

Izabo - Fun Makers [2003]

Funky Rock with some Indian and Middle-eastern elements. English singing.

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Great site!! I love your variety (especially with the different countries). Do you perhaps have any Conventum??

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I'd like to thank isabelbc for her contributions to PNF. In particular, I like how her posts contain both the track listings and the names of the line-up. Most importantly, her knowledge and taste in music are up to par with the high standards set at this blog.

isabelbc, if you can, please post your own impressions of these albums. Having a link to a professional review is nice, but we'd also like some insight into what motivates you ProgNotFroggers to post one album instead of another. I understand this can be tedious, especially if English isn't your native language. Just a few words saying where you first heard of the album or what you like about them would be great.

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Thank you so much for all the great music!

I want to leave a special note of appreciation for all the Quebecois music that you have posted. As a Montrealer living far away from home in good ol' milwaukee, WI, I never hear that kind of music...and forget about finding it in any kind of store here.

It warms my heart to listen again to the songs I heard when I was growing up in Quebec - they bring back a lot of memories !

I can't tell you how cool it was to find your wonderful blog ! I look forward to checking every day to see what treasures will pop up !

Merci, Merci, Merci !


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Thanks for the comments, uploads and thanks to Tom for the links


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Ditto, Isabel is one of my favorite posters - extraordinary taste (especially the Quebecois).

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