Friday, November 24, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon # 022 With The Herbalist (Party Mix No. 1: Up & High!)

Well I don't know what kind of parties you go, but I do hope that if you make a party anytime soon you use this Edition #022 as musical background.

If your neighbours call the police I will asume the the blame. Promise.

This mix was done (and played) for the 11th annyversary party of a great radio show called Acto de Fe, ("Act of Faith"), directed by my good friend Juan Carlos Ballesta.You can reach his show and his excellent blog here.

There's something I must say: Today's show is a Party Mix so, no Herbalist voice this week. Sorry girls.

And.. well ...I must admit that I am not a party DJ but I have got and sewn together I bunch of songs that I'd like to listen at a party. Of course the kind of party I'd like to attend is not a "normal" one so at some moments the music might sound a little extreme to the untrained ear.
You better judge for yourself.


Be happy.

Party as hard as you can at least once in your lifetime and...

Keep Listening...!!!


This is Party Mix No. 1. So it is supposed to be played at the peak of the night. Party Mix No. 2 will be moodier and more downtempo oriented, maybe to be played during the chilling down. (Next Week)

Image: Chris Harman : Fall Frog (Acrylic on Canvas)

Velvet Green Creations
13335 State Highway M-123, Newberry, MI 49868906 293-3625


SchizoidMan said...

Thx Herbalist...

Any chance of fixing all the dead download links to the earlier releases?

Would love to listen to em.


The Herbalist said...

Thanks for your interest.
Pleaselet me know which shows you need and we'll see what to do about it ok?
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hello Herbalist.

Congratulations for this great site. Except for a few, many of the bands and artists posted throughout this site are pretty unknown to me.

By the way, I'm checking out the "party mix 1" mp3 and there´s a mistake in the name of a cover: "Black Dog" covered by Dread Zeppelin should be "When The Levee Breaks" (and in fact is a cover´s cover: Led Zeppelin originally covered a song by female blues singer and guitarist Memphis Minnie and turned this song from an old acoustic blues into the heavy-blues-rock that most rock fans know. The credits on Led Zeppelin IV appear as the song is co-written by the 4 Led Zep members and Memphis Minnie. At least at this time Led Zeppelin didn´t forget to include the original composer credits,as co-writer, but it wasn't rare on those days that remake of old blues songs appeared as original rock bands' songs). On the other hand, Dread Zeppelin covering Led Zep songs, with theirs ElvisPresleyesque voice and reggae-ska flavor, is always a fun to listen to.

Greetings from the same side of the world that you come from and....keep the good work!!!

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