Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dear friends,
For more than 8 months about 400 albums sent. Unfortunately some of the links dead. We are getting many comments to re-upload them. Well this site is a hobby for us and it takes lots of time to send albums, tagging them, finding reviews, adding this mini players etc, and it is impossible to re-up more than 200 dead links. It will take a lot of time to re-up them and we wanna take this time to send new albums. But we can all together handle this. All we want from you: Pls take a look at your favorite albums posted here, and check the links. if the link gone, it will be great to upload them, and write the link in comments of this this way friends who are searching this albums will be happy. As much as we find time; we try to upload them and share the links from here. Now make your re-up requests here and expect to upload with another friend that likes the album. You can reach this section from the main page by clicking "Broken Links" in interactive section. Keep Listening and share the links in comments! :)


Brendan (FR) said...

Prognotfrog, I love you ! :o)

May 2006 : Idiot Flesh - Fancy

June 2006 : Musica Urbana - Musica Urbana

Anonymous said...

prognotfrog, I would be delighted to d/l these two:
May 2006
New York Rock and Roll Ensemble – Reflections (1970)

New York Rock and Roll Ensemble (1968)
Thak you! I hope to hear them soon.

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