Sunday, November 26, 2006

Patrick Vian - ''Bruits Et Temps Analogues''{France}[1975](Fusion)

Patrick Vian was the son of French jazz musician Boris Vian. Patrick went a different route in the world of music, first as a member of a group called Red Noise in 1970, and then embarking on a very short-lived career in electronic/fusion music. This is his one and only solo album, obscure gem of electronic music certain to please the fans of Heldon and the likes. Lots of Moog (modular) and ARP 2600, plus piano and electric piano. Some jazz influences do surface (can't be helped, because of his father), and even gets help from jazz musicians like Mino Cinelou (who had played with the likes of Gong, Weather Report, and Miles Davis), but by and large a highly experimental form of electronic music.

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EelaFree said...

Patrick Vian

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for that one! Do you know who is playing in addition to Vian on that album (and what instruments)? Thanks for any help!


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