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Finch - "Beyond Expression" {Netherlands} [1976] (Prog Rock)

The foundation of Dutch progrock band FINCH was laid by bass player Peter Vink and drummer Beer Klaasse (both ex-Q65 and The KJOE). They were eager to play progressive music: Peter was impressed by the symphonic rock of YES and BEER by the improvised rock of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA and CREAM. After some sessions and failed efforts to find a good singer, the new band switched to instrumental music with this line-up: Peter Vink, Beer Klaasse, the 19 year old "guitar virtuoso" Joop van Nimwegen and keyboard player Paul Vink. With two Vink’s in the band the name became FINCH, the English translation from this Dutch name. The EMI sub-label Negram was willing to invest in the new progrock band, in ’75 this resulted in the debut-album "Glory of the Inner Force" (worldwide sold 20.000 copies). New keyboard player Cleem Determeijer’s interplay with guitarist Joop sounded captivating and the first album was hailed by the music press. The single "Colossus" (’75) wasn’t successful but it’s now a hugh collector’s item. In ’76 the second album "Beyond Expression" was released, it was acclaimed as Album of the week by radio and tv broadcasting company Veronica and known music magazines were very positive. The future looked bright for FINCH: sold oud concerts, worldwide sales (15.000 copies) and in Japan FINCH became almost as popular as other Dutch progrock bands FOCUS and EARTH & FIRE! Unfortunately Cleem was no longer able to combine the music with his classical study, he was replaced by Ad Wammes and, due to musical disagreement, Hans Borsboom replaced Beer Klaasse. This new FINCH line-up released the third album entitled "Galleons of Passion" in ’77, it was not received very well though the sales flagged around the 11.000 copies. It turned out to be the band’s swansong until in ’99 the Dutch record company Pseudonym Records released a 2-CD, including fine demos of the "Galleons of Passion" album and exciting live material from ’76.

The first LP "Glory of the Inner Force" contains four melodic and often swinging compositions with strong echoes from YES. The keyboards sound tasteful (Hammond organ and Mellotron), the guitarwork is great with passionate solos and the rhythm-section plays solid (a grunting Rickenbacker bass).

The second album "Beyond Expression" sound more original, inventive and dynamic with furious guitarplay and bombastic keyboards in four captivating and compelling tracks. A splendid album, a bit underrated because of the attention for the other Dutch progrock bands EARTH & FIRE, KAYAK and FOCUS. The third album "Galleons of Passion" is more in the vein of mid-GENESIS and sound pleasant but less captivating and contrasting. The 2-CD "The Making of...Galleons of passion/Stage" ’76” is mainly interesting because of the live-material: it’s layered with magnificent electric guitarplay (Jan Akkerman once told he was very impressed by Joop!) and great solos from Ad’s newly purchased Minimoog synthesizer. The live-CD contains the previously unreleased track "Necronomicon" (over 15 minutes), a ‘typically Seventies live progrock composition’ with lots of solos on guitar, keyboards and bass.

In the beginning of 1974 this 100% instrumental group was started in The Hague. Members: Beer Klaasse (drums, ex-Q'65), Joop van Nimwegen (guitar, ex-Cobra), Peter Vink (bass, ex-Q '65), Paul Vink (organ, piano, ex-Twelve O'Clock). Beer got replaced at the end of 1976 by Hans Bosboom (ex-Alveo, Chafing Blues and Blues Session), who in turn got replaced by Fred van Vloten (ex-Range). Paul Vink went to Livin' Blues in 1975 and was replaced by Cleem Determeyer (ex-Crusade) who made way for Ad Wammes in 1976.

Finch was established by guitarist Joop van Nimwegen, bass player Peter Vink (Vink meaning Finch in Dutch) and drummer Beer Klaasse. The first two earlier worked together in the Dutch formation Q65. The musical leader was Joop van Nimwegen. For lack of a good singer, Finch decided to build a repertoire of instrumental rock. Keyboardist Paul Vink joined, but was later replaced by Cleem Determeijer, then a student at the Rotterdam Academy of Music.

The first album, Glory Of The Inner Force, was published in Finch's native Netherlands, as well as by Atlantic in the US. On both sides of the ocean the album received positive reviews. Determijer wanted to concentrate on his piano studies and was replaced by Ad Wammes.

The second album, Beyond Expression, became a Record of the Week on Radio Veronica, a popular Dutch seaborn station. Finch started to make a name for itself and began to attract crowds to their concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. A third album, Galleons Of Passion was published in the Netherlands and the UK, however, the frequent personal changes in the rock group made it impossible to continue. In 1978 the partnership was discontinued. Their three albums continue to attract the interest of those who enjoy early classic and progressive rock.

1. A Passion Condensed (20:05)
2. Scars On The Ego (8:51)
3. Beyond The Bizarre (14:24)

- Cleem Determeijer / keyboards
- Beer Klaasse / drums
- Joop Van Nimwegen / guitars
- Peter Vink / bass

2. Scars On The Ego ...

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