Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ProgNotFrog Presents: Dr. Orloff Antonio Zokorgnoc (The Herbalist Advisor).

Dr. Orloff Antonio Zokorgnoc has been my music guide and advisor for several decades now. This picture was taken during one of his extremely rare appereances.

As a tribute to his important contributions to the History of Good Music I would like to dedicate these two great prog and experimental songs to him and to all of you:

Holderlin - I Love my Dog...

Henry Kaiser - The Barking Dogs vs The Minimalists...

Alvarez - The Messy Adventures of Doctor Orloff Zokorgnoc...

PS: Do you find this post weird?

Well... I have seen other love posts recently in this blog..



skaarse said...

Of course your advicer needs credit!
He or she has done a great job!

Temudshin said...

Hey, Glad to meet you Mr. Zokorgnoc, congratulations for your fine inspiration and good sense. And thanks for so very good music you recommends us!

Anonymous said...

how old is your dog in human years might i ask? Several decades makes it seem as if your dog has received so much love that his life juice is still flowing... very cute and intelligent looking animal :D


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