Saturday, November 04, 2006

Univers Zero - ''Uzed''{Belgium}[1984](RIO)

UZ’s music had been mostly acoustic RIO, developing sinister moods and searching for human’s darker instincts. But with this fourth album, Denis was to change considerably UZ’s direction and this was due in no small part to the friendly competition he maintained with ex-UZ Roger Trigaux, who had formed Present (with Denis holding the drum stool), and pushing each other to explore new musical territories. The music had now shifted from the sinister and macabre to the sombre and mysterious ambiances, the eastern influences being much more present.

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Eduardo Manso said...

Deuses...Grandiosos...Obscuros... Gods to gods!!!!
Excelent band! One of my favorite band!!

slider said...

thanks for the universe zero, love the band

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Thanks man

Here Is 2 More Albums By U.Z :

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