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Ragnarök - "Ragnarök" {Sweden} [1976] (Prog)

Not to be confused with the New Zealand symphonic prog group from those very same years (that should belong in the site soon) or the Heavy Metal unit from the 80-90's, these Swedes managed four albums on Silence Record and some more (not listed here) in the early 90's. They are a typical example of atmospheric and melancholic prog like only Sweden can produce them. Their first album is a real classic known as a minor classic among progheads and they will participate to another group (KUNG TUNG - much harder) before doing their second album where those influences from that group will leave a mark. It is reputed to be as good as their debut. The later albums listed here remain of a good standard. Among the non-listed albums is "Well"(91) and is rather new age and sometimes industrial - not much to do with the earlier works.

Swedish band that combine folk, fusion and symphonic prog. Bits of King Crimson, Gong and other Scandinavian bands can be pointed to has possible influences, but Raganrok don't really sound like any of the above overall. They take a very pastoral approach to fusion/prog, eschewing high-tech studio trickery, using just pianos, gently tolling electric guitars, flute, bass and percussion. The first album is beautiful mood music, great to drift off with at night. Fjarilar i Magen surprises everyone with its leading track: "Adrenalin". True to its name, it's a metallic hunk of blazing guitar that nearly makes King Crimson's Red look tame. The rest of the album is much more subtle, but in its own way is more like "Adrenalin" than the first album. All right, that's taking the analogy a bit far, but the band do inject more intense passages neatly interwoven among the gentle fantasias. Overall, probably better than the first. -- Mike Ohman

One of the first concerts I saw in my life was with Ragnarok, and I recall that I liked it. Nevertheless it's not a band I'm overly enthusiastic over. I've got one album. Pleasant listening, and although not cliche-ridden, like much other instrumental music a bit anonymous.

Fairly well known Scandinavian band with several albums to their credit. for the latest album Well, they are down to a trio of woodwinds, drums and keyboards, and have assumed a more low-key new agey feel to their music, while still remaining provocative and inspired.

Absolutely brilliant LP [Ragnarok from '76] from Swedish jazzy, folk-progsters Ragnorok. A beautiful LP full of great instrumental pieces all dominated by an acoustical setting and chilled out jazzy electric pianos. Track Two "Promenader" is incredible, a lovely Mahavishnu like Rhodes piano but with a Scandinavian twist (like Bo Hansson) erupts into a Frippian sustained Guitar riff. It really needs to be heard to be believed. The whole LP is instrumental and rightly so as vocals would have taken away its purity. It's hard to try and find other bands who are similar as Ragnarok are so original. "Dagarnas Skum" is an 8-minute jazz folk beauty complete with prog-ish flute. It reminds me of British folk guitar genius Davy Graham or Bert Jansch. I suppose the best similarity would be fellow Swede Bo Hansson but this is wide of the mark really as Hansson was basically a one-man show where as Ragnarok were a band of veritable virtuosos. Really I have never heard such a genius blend of pastoral prog rock, folk and jazz, a truly awe-inspiring record. BUY IT!!! -- David Abel

1. Farvel Köpenhamn / Goodbye Copenhagen (2:30)
2. Promenader / Walks (4:40)
3. Nybakat Bröd / Freshbaked Bread (3:01)
4. Dagarnas Skum / Foam Of The Days (8:07)
5. Polska Fran Kalmar / Reel From Kalmar (0:46)
6. Fabriksfunky / Factoryfunk (4:49)
7. Tatanga Mani (4:34)
8. Fiottot (1:23)
9. Stiltje-Uppbrott / Calm-Breaking Up (4:21)
10. Vattenpussar / Pools Of Water (4:08)

- Lars Peter Sörensson / drums
- Stefan Ohlsson / drums, guitar
- Peder Nabo / flute, guitar
- Staffan Strindberg / electric bass
- Peter Bryngelsson / guitars
- Henrik Strindberg / electric guitar, flute, Soprano flute, Soprano saxophone

1. Farvel Köpenhamn / Goodbye Copenhagen ...
2. Promenader / Walks ..................

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wow! This is really really outstanding... I feel reborn. Good heavens. Do you by chance have your hands on any Pugh Rogefeldt? I'd love to hear that.. All best.


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suena delicioso, pequeña y delicada pieza de innegable valor . enhorabuena por la eleccion

2E Prijs said...

They have been performing live lately, expect a reunion as the original members are all together again.

They only did 4 albums, another Ragnarok with just a member of one of the later albums did use the name for an album called Well, end of the story and not even listed in the bands page as an oficial album.

But "well" is a great album, many newcomers would say that it has some "new age" touches, nonsesnse, hear it to find out.

I heard this band back in the mid 70s and what a shock it was, a phenomenal album
followed by a second offering "Fjarilar i Magen ( Butterflies in the stomach) as good as the first one, by the time of Fata Morgana, the 3rd album the sound has changed but not the quality as it was the last great album by the band.

3 Signs dissapoints and marks the end of the band.

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Extraordinario grupo, una gema atemporal, sutil. Músicos virtuosos que envuelven su capacidad para contribuir a un ensamble perfecto. Un gran trabajo con la dinámica, estructuras simples en las composiciones que permiten recombinar los elementos y llegan a un resultado homogéneo.
Recomiendo tambìén su segundo, con mayor variación tímbrica aún, y prestar atención a la deliciosa "Första öm".

Mis más calurosos saludos por lo aventurado de la página y el deseo de que puedan seguir creciendo.

Francisco, desde Buenos Aires.

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Please up: "3 signs" and "well".

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Please could you re-upload it? Thank you !!

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Pleaaaaaase, re-upload this gem. :)

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the link is broken and please upload the album again!

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please re-upload i was looking for it for ages

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Yes, this is of import. for heavens!

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Yes, this is of import - please!

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