Sunday, November 05, 2006

Please - "Please 1968/69" {UK} [60's] (Pre T.2.) (@320)

UK legendary 60`s psychedelic underground.

A collection of demos taken from original master tapes and restored acetates from 1968-1969.

Featuring members of The Flies, Bulldog Breed, Gun and pre T2.

60`s archives recordings.

01. We Aim To Please (2:51)
02. No More White Horses (3:21)
03. Paper Anne (3:15)
04. Seaweed (5:10)
05. Break The Spell (3:17)
06. Strange Ways (3:21)
07. Man With No Name (3:27)
08. Watching (2:11)
09. You're Still Waiting (2:05)
10. Breakthrough (3:23)
11. The Story (2:24)
12. Folder Man (2:24)

- Peter Dunton (drums, vocals)
- Bernard Jinks (bass)
- Nick Spenser (guitars)

02. No More White Horses ...

Thanks to ZaXXoN for the rip & info

Link for download "Please - Please 1968/69" in comments ...


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maryanne said...

hello great blog, 'please' are magnificent!in case you know the lyrics of ''strange lyrics'', respond please!greetings!!

Anonymous said...

Looking for the lyrics to The Story.
Do you have them? If you do, would you email them to me ......



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The link is Broken, pleeeeease put a good one. I really want that album.

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Incredible. Loved T2, didn't know this existed.
Isabel - that link doesn't work

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