Saturday, November 04, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon # 020 With The Herbalist (Special Tribute to ProgNotFroggers: One song for each of you)

Hello my friends!

We have arrived to the 20th show. That’s about 5 months doing The Voice of The Moon. I am not sure what the future of the show is going to be. But surprises are coming for the blog visitors.

Today’s show is special. I want to do a tribute to the other members of ProgNotFrog and to the visitors of the Prog Not Frog chatroom at the Soulseek network.

They are:

Nahavanda & Eela Free from Turkey.

Micaus from Australia.

Sir Winston Churchill, lpelo and Zaxxon from England.

Skaarse from Norway.

Beau Heem from Finland.

Mind Masque from Italy.

Manelis from Greece.

Seebaer & Oiz from Germany.

Isabelbc from Brazil.

Queen of Maybe and Chapin Floyd from Guatemala.

Guadalupe from Mexico.

Algarnas from Venezuela.

That’s twelve countries.

Twelve different universes.

Songs in Nine languages.

I have selected one song from each nation represented at ProgNotFrog.
Dedicated to these friends and also to you all listeners of The Voice of The Moon.

Keep Listening…!!!

And now...

Now we are hosting The Voice of The Moon at our own site.!!!!
This is the link:

(alternative link can be found in the comments)


Image: Irene Hardwicke Olivieri: "Girl with Frogs" (oil on wood) Do yourself a big favor. See more Irene's paintings at If you can buy one. She is great!


The Herbalist said...

This is an alternative link to The Voice of the Moonj #020


isabelbc said...

My friend The Herbalist,

I'm very touched because of your initiative.

I loved hearing musics from many different countries.

Music, besides giving us pleasure when listened, is providing us new friends all over the world.


Isabel from Brazil

nahavanda said...

thank you a lot my friend,
as usual it is great!

wish i have an option to send beers online..drinkin & listening now once again.


Adriano said...

fantastic. I love your blog and your music. If you are female, i love you.

skaarse said...

As always a lovely show, and thanks for the Belcanto! They are great. All the other music was great too. Amon Duul need a show for themselfe... hehe At least KRAUTROCK needs... I bet you have plenty of good ideas for new shows, and I just hope you will keep on!

queenie said...

this is so nice....animo!!

hahaha peace

EelaFree said...

great show.

BlackwatchPlaid said...

Great concept! I think, however, something seems missing...

Tell me if I am being crazy here, but...

BlackwatchPlaid from America

oiz said...

Wow, I am truly moved.
Haven't listened to the show yet but just .. wow :)
Seeing me included in that tribute is a hell of an honour, thank you so much.

Best regards, Uli

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