Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Zonda Projeckt - Live 2004-2006 {Argentina} [2006] (Official Bootleg, Excellent Instrumental and Virtuoso Prog Rock. Exclusive for ProgNotFrog!!!)

This is the kind of things that make us keep working hard for all of you. Yesterday in our interactive section we received a very nice comment that we will reproduce below.

Mr. Erni Vidal from Mendoza, Argentina, has kindly submitted a gift for all of us. A collection of recent live recordings by Zonda Projeckt, a very interesting ensemble heavily influenced by King Crimson and Soft Machine.

They are worth a serious listen.

These are the kind words of Erni:

Hello, my name is Erni Vidal, an Argentinian musician born and living at Mendoza, in the extreme-west of Arg., very near the Los Andes' mountains.

OK, also I am one of the founders and bassist of the ZONDA PROJECKT, the band focused in instrumental progressive music with main influences '80s-'90s King Crimson and '70s Soft Machine.

As you know, our debut album was El Llanto Secreto De La Luna, from 2002.

OK right now I put an Official Bootleg of ZP in Rapid Share, so I want to offer you to download these disc to add to the excellent Prog Not Frog blog, and to share with your readers.

All soundboard takes, concerts from 2004-2005 (previous formation), and 2006 (current era/lineup). All quality A, bitrate 224-256. Obviously, for non-commercial/only promotional use. Includes 2 jpg files (24 x 12 cm.) with artwork to print.

You can get it right now at:

Thanks very much and sorry for my bad english, which is basic. Enjoy and I await your comments!

Best regards from Mendoza,



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Keep Zonding and...

Keep Listening...!!!


julian said...

Excelent group from Argentina.(A must download) Good live performs and intelligent song covers.
I wondered why they aren`t in the mainstrem.I dont know if the guitarists are Fripp Guitar Craft´s students

GanjaStar said...

to see such approval for global music sharing from actual contibutors to the existence of art is gratifying.
I just hope this blog does not garner too much attention and then get pummeled by the law.

commendations and thanks as always

Anonymous said...

I have played El Llanto Secreto De La Luna very many times, I am very fond of this album, so to hear this as well is an added bonus.I am English but love Argentinian Prog, especially ZONDRA PROJECKT and BUBU

BlackwatchPlaid said...

Wow!! What a post!! That is awesome that the guy from Zonda actually contacted you with this album. Big props to the Herbalist!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post.
Please Zonda one show in Bs.As.

Fernando G. Toledo said...

Listen them! Zonda is an excellent group and this bootleg, a perfect chance to listen their music "post El Llanto Secreto de la Luna", the first work.

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