Saturday, November 04, 2006

Høst - ''På Sterke Vinger''{Norway}[1974](Hard progressive)

“På Sterke Vinger” is a hard rocker that could almost be described as a proggy version of IRON MAIDEN (two years before this band was even born!), complete with dual guitars battling it out, pumping bass and the appropriate harsh vocals. The latter also played mini-moog, grand piano, clavinette and organ on some tracks, adding a progressive edge to their sound. The tracks are very well crafted and based in strong riffs and melodies.

Recommended, if you’re a fan of early NEKTAR or early metal bands in general.

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proplox said...

My thanks for posting this great album- I sold my copy a few years ago and have been trying to find one ever since. Anyone into the high-energy sounds of that era (ie, anything off the hard rock branch) will come to realize what a lost treasure this disc is...thanks, I owe you a beer!

Fred Lamarc said...

Thanks , are the vocals in English.

Anonymous said...

med dette album , jeg husker mye om livet mitt, jeg elsker prog rock paa norsk

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