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Pandora - "Measures Of Time" {Sweden} [1974] (@192)

This is an album that I like very much, I found it by chance when I was looking for "Ora - 1969 - Ora", that I will post later. Unfortunately, I didn't find an official reference in English, only in Swedish and Italian (links below), languages that I don't know (English I know a little). :o)

About the commentaries put in the blog:

- I post in this blog for invitation of my friend nahavanda, person that I admire very much for the effort, persistence and devotion in divulging the music that was lost. The ProgNotFrog provides us the chance to know new sounds and melodies of old albuns that we appreciate so much;

- About my impressions on the albums posted by me: I did not study music and I'm not specialist in music (technically saying), I only feel and appreciate it. I prefer to reproduce, of an album that I love, the text of a specialist, and, each one of you will feel your own emotions. :-)

01 - Measures Of Time (4:29)
02 - Dusty Ledger (7:59)
03 - The Queen (5:07)
04 - Life Is Good, Life is Bad (4:23)
05 - Tailor (5:32)
06 - Mind Of Confusion (7:07)

- Peter Hjelm: Sång
- Björn Malmqvist : Bas
- Åke Rolf: Gitarr
- Jan Eric Dockner: Klaviatur
- Leif Hellqvist: Gitarr
- Berra Jonsson: Trummor

03 - The Queen ....


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I took some time to translate (fast) some info of the band to english (org swedish):

Pandora was founded 1971 in Norrkoping Sweden by drummer Bertil Jonsson and on guitar Urban Gotling. Later joinded by the singer Peter Hjelm and on keyboard Janne ”Flojda” Dockner. Gotling was replaced by Åke Rolf (fd H2O) and Leif Hellqvist. This line up recorded ”Measures of Time” 1974. Pandora had their workshop at this time on the top floor of Bergaskolan in Soderkoping.

1976 Hellqvist quit. He went over to play danceband-music (the rumour says that his girlfriend couldn't dance to Pandoras music, so..) At the same time also Bjorn Malmqvist guit. He started study music. New members came: On keyboard Uffe Stern and on base Gunnar Hermelin (fd Madeira). This line up where 1978 on swedish radio "Tonkraft" and recorded the single ”Makten och Harligheten”. They also did concerts in Horsalen Norrkoping together with bands like ”Trettioariga kriget” och ”Kaipa”.

The Band had under these years a record shop ”Rockslag” Nygatan in Norrkoping. The shop became a little centrum of culture for recordfreaks, to gather in, have a coup of coffe and talk abouth music. The shop went bankrupt in 1980. Band that inspirered Pandora was Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Camel, Wishbone Ash, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep och Weather Report.

From the start Pandora played harder rock but went over to more jazz-symfonirock when Stern och Hermelin joined. The last demo was recorded in 1980 on Stage & Music in Norrkoping. Pandora came to be an inspiration to the band Tribute, and their members Gideon Andersson and Per Ramsby often visited Pandoras concerts. Ramsby even played in some concerts as a replacement for Uffe Stern.

Janne and Uffe and later Åke Rolf and Gunnar Hermelin continuied to play in ”Flojd & The Boys” that was in -75.

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You can find them on:

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