Friday, December 22, 2006

Alex Oriental Experience (with Can) – "Tales Of Purple Sally" {Germany} [1973] (Turkish Flavoured Hippie Folk Rock) (@192)

I didn't find a complete line-up
I didn't find a review in English, only in German language

01 - Ekmek (5:50)
02 - Patella Black (3:46)
03 - Turkish Tunes (4:09)
04 - Big Boss Smile (4:08)
05 - Derule (2:57)
06 - Monroe Song (2:31)
07 - Silent Farewell (3:07)
08 - Tales Of Purple Sally (7:31)
09 - Anatoly Highway (2:26)
10 - Call Of The City (3:37)
11 - How Half Is The Moon (4:01)
12 - Billy McGraw (4:04)
13 - Elements (9:45)
14 - Istanbulda (5:57)
15 - Dadaloglu (4:38)
16 - Kalender (3:48)

- Holger Czukay
- Jaki Liebezeit
- Michael Karoli
- Gerd Dudek
- Alex Wiska
- Cem Karaca
- Huseyn Sultan Oglu
- Seyhan Karabey
- Ünol Buyükgönenc

03 - Turkish Tunes ...

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schizoid said...

This CD contains a set of songs from different early LP`s, like E.G.
the complete first LP with the title "Alex" from the year 1973 and
the Cologne cult volumes of "Can". Plus two songs from their second
LP "That`s The Deal", as well as a few selections from the double LP
"Studio Tapes 1976-78", and the LP "Sazou".

The song "Dadaloglu" was a 1970 hit in Turkey for about seven months
and received first place with National Hit Parade for that year. The
music is a mixture of ethnic garmoni (accordion), hard hitting brass,
and beautiful acoustic guitars.

kczmrk said...

Great stuff, exotic&agressive, with great percussion and acoustic guitar, vocals also will do, must have!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

yesterday I complained that a lot of your files say "File not found", so today I must say a BIG THANK YOU for the Alex Oriental Experience with Can. A beautiful album, which I'd never heard of. Is Irmin Schmidt not on it? Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is an awesome unexpected surprise. Very good stuff.

Anonymous said...

link down

Anonymous said...

link down

isabelbc said...

- hi Anonymous, before ask "re-up" check around blogsphere, many blogs post the albums after ProgNotFrog ;)

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