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Liquid Sound Company - ''Inside the Acid Temple''[US]{2002}(Neo-Psychedelia)

LP, NASONI 018 ( 2002 )
Second album by this Texan psychedelic rock band of John Perez, Jason Spradlin, David Fargason and several guests. Mindblowing,
spaced psychedelia and acid rock of the highest order. Do your brain a favour and experience the temple. Guided by superb floating guitar
leads you'll pass fuzzed-up guitar eruptions, sandozian vocals and shrines of magical eastern vibes, flavoured with swirlin' sitars and trantric breathing. Point me at the sky and let me fly !

Dig the limited Nasoni Records re-issue of the band's legendary debut album "exploring the psychedelic" (Nasoni 042).

01 Cubehead
02 The League For Spiritual Discovery Lives
03 Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist
04 Inside The Acid Temple
05 The Art Of Ecstasy
06 Free I
07 The Gospel According To Robot A. Hull
08 Unfolding

From Aural Innovations #22 (January 2003)

Texas space psychsters Liquid Sound Company return with an amazing follow up to their Exploring The Psychedelic album from a few years back. Founding member John Perez (also with doom metal band Solitude Aeturnus) is once again joined by Jason Spradlin and new member David Fargason (Vas Deferens Organization, Muz) replaces Teri Pritchard on bass.

I'll tell you right off the bat that this is a serious slab of take-no-prisoners spaced out, fuzz laden mindfucked psychedelia. The disc opens with "Cubehead", which after a brief monologue sample launches into a fuzzed out acid rocking manna from psychedelic heaven that defines the bands name and sound. The guitars will make you drool, a substance that will mix in nicely with the matter from your melting brain. But "Cubehead" is a short track that serves to prime the listener for the remaining 45 minute journey.

On "The League For Spiritual Discovery Lives", the band take a couple minutes to hypnotize the listener before launching into the trademark Liquid Sound rocking acid blast. Phased and wah'd trip guitars and pounding tribal drums are embellished by beautifully bubbling space efx. And at 8 minutes this sucker stretches out nicely. It rocks hard but will wrap its loving arms around your brain, massaging and caressing and injecting rainbows of colors and cosmic images. And the trip continues as the song segues seamlessly into "Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist", an ultra hypnotic mantra building tune. (Some of this is making me think of a more purely acid-psych version of Farflung.) And the voyage continues with the Eastern influenced title track, one of the most powerhouse mind assault songs of the set. I really dig the combination of sitar and swirling psych guitars and the throbbing Stoner undercurrent.

"The Art Of Ecstasy" is a little different, communicating a jazzier mood, but is still mucho psychedelic. The Gospel According To Robot A. Hull" is a very cool psych song with a bit of a 60's flavor and blistering fuzz licks. "Free I" is a steady paced meditational ride with luscious whispers. And "Unfolding" is similar but a bit of a teaser as throughout its 9 minute length the percussion builds in a way that seems to be preparing for an explosion... but it never comes. Oh well, it still serves as a gentle closing track that allows the listener to cool down before rejoining physical reality.

In summary, this gem easily made my best of 2002 list. One listen and you'll be hooked, though subsequent listens will reward you with new found treasures. Highest recommendation!

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Opa-Loka said...

This is my first post here Enjoy !

proghog said...


Any word on the Fun of It - Meditations LP ???? DO you really have this....???

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thank you very much! An excellent psych alb.........check out Zone Six, Captain Ilor, and Swara Samrat
too. Great modern psych.


Opa-Loka said...

I know Zone Six and i like them....
We have post 2 albums of Swara Samrat in the other blog that i'm in...
I don't have anything from Captain Ilor....can you upload something?

sub_commandante_marcos said...

Great psych album! So much good sounds from Nasoni records. I'll have to look out for Zone Six.
Cheers!! - SCM

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awesome man

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