Saturday, December 16, 2006

I have been sick..I am better now.

First of all, my apologies for not having released The Voice of The Moon regularly in the last weeks. (and for not having posted anything lately)

I wasn't feeling too well so I had some medical tests done.

The result is that I do have a condition that will get cured with the proper treatment and a not too complicated operation that will be done probably during the second or third week of January.
Meanwhile I have to take things calmly, take my pills and follow a diet that could make a fakir cry.

I am feeling better now though, although tired.

Anyway... tomorrow (dec 16th) I will release The Voice of The Moon #024. Promise.

Be well... and thanks for understanding...!

Your friend, The Herbalist


Art Rock said...

All the best and a speedy recovery!

Seebaer said...

Herb, i wish you the best.

your buddy Seebär

Opa-Loka said...

I wish you a fast recovery and always be well. It is more important to be well in your health, than to make posts here!

Marco said...

Hi Herb,
I and my family wish you a fast recovery and lots of happyness for the next year

long life to progressive

ciao from italy

blplus said...

Hey Herbalist, take care of yourself, my dad used to say...." be careful, there are a few left of us the good ones " .....merry christmas and get well soon.


La Música Que Escuchan Todos said...

Take good care of yourself Herbalist, and get well real soon.

Thanks a lot for all the nice music you keep on posting here. We visit you almost on a daily basis, and you allways manage to surprise us.

Greetings from Bolivia.

tucker said...

Take care of yourself, buddy - don't overdo things by pushing your body. Get
plenty of rest and drink plenty of water
and do what the doctors tell you. Many
thanks for all the great shares, and here's to seeing a vibrant and healthy 2007 for you!

Bigfoot Kit said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery from your illness, best wishes always from Scotland.
Bigfoot Kit

Anonymous said...

be well and best wishes from new york city

Anonymous said...

Hi Herbalist! All the best for x-mas and get well soon. Good luck for your operation. Take care and thank you for all the interesting stuff you're posting.
Love and Peace from Berlin!

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