Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts "Somewhere In England" {UK} [1984] (Biker Blues)

I first heard of Dumpy's Rusty Nuts as I was attending many Hawkwind gigs. They were the support band and absolutely blew me away.

Dumpy is friendly with Hawkwind and a look on his website will tell you that he has a new CD out that is in the same style - I think I will find the £8 to get Space Nutz as this band really rock.

The album here is full of blues songs recorded live (and I think most of the audience at his gigs are "Bikers") with many references to his love of motorcycles.

I remember seeing him drive up to a Hawkwind gig (possibly in London - or just outside) in an old Ford Anglia, he was attending as part of the audience that time and not part of the show. His version of Peter Green's "Out Of Reach" is stunning.

The official site is here:-
which is where the above picture comes from.

01 - It's Got To Be Blues
02 - Ride With Me
03 - I'm A Hog For You Baby
04 - Rip It Up
05 - Night Rider
06 - Woke Up This Morning
07 - Look In The Mirror
08 - Whole Lot Of Blues
09 - Out Of Reach
10 - Box Hill Or Bust
11 - Tush
12 - Just For Kicks
13 - Cross Keys
14 - Wee Wee Baby
15 - Wild Thing
16 - Route 66
320 samples of Kick Ass Blues.


ZaXXoN said...

Alex -S- said...


Saw him in Scarborough many many years ago!!

I've been looking for any MP3's for ages -any change of making an old DRN fan happy and reuppign the second part? Pretty purlease!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to this gig been back big memories, as I was actually at the gig. Just like to ask is there any chance of updating the link to part 2.

catfever69 said...

great!!! thank you so much for this great band, could you reupp part 2?

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