Wednesday, December 06, 2006


nahavanda said...

some copy paste from an old post:

You know these blogs are home for all of us..but it is a pity we can only meet in comments and e-mails..Some of friends request albums..some of friends ready to share their experiences on music..well we try to send requests but we dont have we are thinking to create an area to share our experiences, requests,discussions,concert dates,events.. it will be great, to be all together..and collective work with other blog owners..

think of it: it may be very hard for us (you counted) to find an album from Japan 70's but a Japanese friend can find album and share it in great quality..we may not keep track of good music from Argentina..but a friend from Argentina can inform us..Maybe a great concert will be in Egypt but no-one knows..A friend from Egypt can give us the best information.....

Maybe a chat program? maybe a group like yahoogroups? maybe a forum? Let we all together give it a shape :) we are sure it will be great to be more interactive!

forum is coming in a soon date
stay tuned :)

Ceno said...

Hey, it's a great idea =]
Is a better way to hear some opinions about albuns and bands, the best way to meet new sounds.
Cheers =]

Nektar said...


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