Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Solaris "Marsbeli Kronikak - Martian Chronicles" {Hungary} [1984] (Prog / Space Rock)

A Hungarian progressive outfit that produce useful sounds despite regular personnel changes. This one I like because it has many similarities to Space Rock. Although I think they are categorised as Symphonic Prog.

My copy is the 1984 release without the Bonus Tracks released on the 1995 version. I also have the covers from the 1995 Re-Release and the Bonus Tracks from the Re-Release. (My rip is at 320 and the Bonus are 256). Solaris are well worth getting into.

A Review from ProgArchives:

This album was written over twenty years ago, smack in the middle of the ‘boring 80s’. Consequently, its production does have a sort of 80ish ring to it. But the music is so original and infectious I can’t help but love it. Think TANGERINE DREAM that actually rocks, with real themes and an incredible variety of inspired musical phrases; then speed the whole thing up about ten times and add a little classical twist to it all, and you’ll get an idea of what “The Martian Chronicles” sound like.This is simple music where the beat rarely goes beyond the 4/4 pattern, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fine woven melodies and the originality of the arrangements, where the band clearly favours an overall-effect over individual play - although the ever-present flute lends a light touch to it all, as do the mischievous little 'martian' voices that spring up here and there. With lots of synths and fiery guitars, the music races at the speed of light and hardly lets up until the end. Many passages are bound to accelerate your pulse rate (check out "The Martian Chronicles parts IV, V and VI" and especially "M'Ars Poetica"), whereas a few mellow ones (such as the track “Solaris” and parts of some others) provide a welcome interval between the raunchy guitars and the speedy synth flights. Overall, this a fine space-rock album made by classicaly trained musicians who obviously had lots of fun doing it.

I would agree with the above reviewer (very aptly put).

Cziglán, István (deceased) - guitars (1980-1998)
Erdész, Róbert - keyboards (1980-)
Kollár, Attila - flute (1980-)
Gömör, László - drums (1982-)
Pócs, Tamás - bass (1982-)
Kisszabó, Gábor - bass (1980-1982,1995-)
Bogdán, Csaba - guitars (1981-1982,1995-)

Tracklist: 01 - Marsbéli krónikák I. (3:34)...02 - Marsbéli krónikák II.-III. (6:32)...03 - Marsbéli krónikák IV.-VI. (13:15)...04 - M'ars poetica (6:39)...05 - Ha felszáll a köd (If The Fog Ascends)(3:58)...06 - Apokalipszis (3:44)...07 - E-moll elõjáték (Prelude in E-Minor) (0:29)...08 - Legyõzhetetlen (Udefeatable) (2:46)...09 - Solaris (4:53)

Bonus Tracks: 10 - Orchideák bolygója (The Planet Of Orchids) (3:17)...11 - A sárga kör (The Yellow Circle) (4:54)


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