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Osibisa - "Osibirock" - {Ghana} [1974] (Prog Folk) (@192)

Osibirock - Osibisa made its greatest inroads into British and American popularity in the early '70s. By the time of 1974's Osibirock, the band was in transition, moving from one record label to another (this disc was released in the U.S. on Warner Bros. following a long stint on Decca) as musical tastes changed. At first, Osibisa's rock/highlife hybrid was a welcome change of pace from prevailing trends, and Americans whose ears had been opened to world rhythms by Santana's blend of rock with Afro-Cuban jazz heard a similar exotic, danceable music coming from the Ghanian-by-way-of-London band. Much of that appeal is still apparent on Osibirock, especially as the album goes on, although the record starts out with the vocal novelty tune "Who's Got the Paper," which sounds like a typical West Indian party hit. Osibisa was still reaching the U.S. charts, barely, by 1974, but it was about to be swamped by purer native styles on a worldwide basis, particularly Jamaican reggae. Nevertheless, the band's music retains considerable appeal here. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

01 - Who's Got the Paper (2:24)
02 - Why (5:37)
03 - Osibirock (2:58)
04 - Kelele (5:15)
05 - Atinga Bells (:34)
06 - African Jive (3:59)
07 - We Belong (4:18)
08 - Komfo (High Priest) (4:42)
09 - Kangaroo (2:46)
10 - Home Affairs (4:56)

- Jean-Karl Dikoto / Mandengue Bass
- Teddy Osei / Flute, Sax (Soprano), Percussion, Sax (Tenor)
- Mac Tontoh / Percussion, Flugelhorn, Trumpet
- Sol Amarfio / Percussion, Drums
- Kofi Ayivor / Percussion, Conga
- Paul Golly / Guitar
- Kiki Gyan / Percussion, Keyboards

02 - Why ....
07 - We Belong ...

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I love you! I've been looking for this album a long time. It always seemed to me you can get any Osibisa-album... with the exception of this one. I ordered it twice from different mail order services and it didn't come. So really special thanks for this one.

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Link Covers (Artwork):

JollyRogered said...

Thanks for this- do you have a copy of Woyaya ? I have been looking for that for some time,

doc said...

I love this songs. Osibisa was a diferentt percussion than Santana or Mandrill. I had others LPs from them, and the friend Mike can get in the link:
Osibisa (1971)
1. Dawn
2. Music for Gong Gong
3. Oyiko Bia
4. Akwaaba
5. Oranges
6. Phallus C.
7. Think About the People

doc said...

Sorry... I send a wrong link, just the existent in the blog, but, this is because the "woyaaya" that I have was got tracks by tracs, in the olds times, by kazaa, and so, to you forgiven me, I zip it, by rar, and put in the servuploader rapid share (how many time, I don't know), to you enjoy...
Go on:
Beautiful Seven 6:46
Y Sharp 6:21
Spirits Up Above 7:18
Survival 6:09
Move On 4:34
Rabiatu 2:59
Woyaya 4:16


PS: By the way, this is my first upload...

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