Monday, December 11, 2006

Dragonwyck - "Dragonwyck" - {US} [1968-70] (Heavy Psychedelic-Progressive)

01. My Future Waits *
02. Ideas within You *
03. Fire Climbs *
04. Run To The Devil *
05. God΄s Dream *
06. Ancient Child *
07. The Vision *
08. Fire Climbs **
09. Flowers Grow Free **
10.The Vision **
11.Anything I΄d Give **
12.Ancient Child **

*(Dragonwyck Recordings 1970)
**(Sunrise Recordings 1968)

Demo only LP of intense Doorsy hard psych/rock that's become somewhat legendary over the years. The LP retains some of the appealing cheesiness of the style, yet is charged with enough presence and fire to transform itself into a winner before your eyes, with recurring feedback leads its strongest asset. One of the best of all the countless "Morrison Hotel" excursions around. The wide appeal and small press has made it one of Rockadelic's more famous releases, although their CD version has poor sound and is not recommended. The tape-sourced WIS reissue reinstates the original running order and adds 5 tracks from a 1968 studio session which yielded the band's pre-LP 45 (released as by Sunrise), but the 1970 material seems to lose a bit of the trebly garage intensity of the Rockadelic LP. The band was also known as Speed, Flying Turns and Fun at various stages in their career. There was another 45, "The music" on the Peckar label, and a later one "Lovin' The Boys" as part of the "Fun" project. [PL]

Five guys from Cleveland recorded 7 tracks, released a test pressing on Pama Records in 1970 as an edition of only 85 copies and created a milestone for all heavy/psychedelic music collectors. The Doors brought main inspiration to their music, with the difference; the songs are heavier and more progressive; the sound is dominated by great vocals, freaked out heavy guitar solos and swirling Hammond B3 organ. The core of musicians started as Sunrise in 1968 and released one 45 record. A true lost masterpiece!

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part I >

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Anonymous said...

Very good! Give us "2nd Chapter"!!!

Anonymous said...

I normally don't like the Doors, but for some reason, I always like groups that sound like them. Like this one. Thanks for offering.
One complaint: About 1:07 into the fourth song, "Run to the Devil," there seems to be a skip. Is that on the CD version?

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