Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rainbow Theatre - ''Fantasy of Horses''[Australia]{1976}(Symphonic prog)

The fact is that this album is one of the best achieved and better constructed Progressive Operas ever released, especially when it comes to the 2 longer tracks in the album. The acoustic piano, sometimes close to the works of classical composers such as Stravinsky and Wagner, is perfectly combined with a thoughtful wind and metal section, with a rare sense of beauty and perfect interplay. The string arrangements are thrown in the mix to form an even tighter body of work. Rebecca and Caption for the City Night Life are set on the progressive jazz/rock side of the band, while doing it with orchestral instruments, which adds loads of originality to the result. The multi-movement Dancer then introduces and adds the classical and symphonic virtues to that jazzy feel, enthralling the listener in a maze of combined styles in a not only refreshing but also surprising effect. The operatic singing appears for the first time in the album, creating a whole new atmosphere that is accompanied by delightful minor-key classic music. This approach is then further explored to perfection in the 16+ minute opus Fantasy of Horses, which just lets the listener in a pavlovian state…earning for more.
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Rainbow Theatre

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I've been looking for that one for suche a long time.

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Great stuff. Thanks.

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I really enjoyed this - thanks for sharing.

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Can we have it back please???

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With Aztec now out of business I think I have the last copy available from JB Hifi in Victoria. If you want the remastered album in all its glory contact JB and get them to do a store search for you. There might be a few left.

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