Friday, December 01, 2006

Cem Karaca - "Bindik Bir Alamete" {Turkey} [1999] (Folk Rock)

In Turkey there happened to be 70's Swedish progg like era that we call it: (70's) Anatolian Rock. Musically and lyrically there are many similarities with anotlian rock & swedish progg.. Most known artists/bands of this era for Turkey are: Erkin Koray, Moğollar, Cem Karaca, Selda (Bağcan), Edip Akbayram, Fikret Kızılok.. Lyrics stands for revolution, human rights, social issues, relationships, collectivism..

it is a honor for me that, i met with Cem Karaca a few times when he was onlife, and i spoke some about music with him. well english not my main language so i have a lot to tell but it is hard for me. To put it simple he was indicating "rock is more than a music is a life style (that every rocker may accept) rock itself have something progressive inside."
Folk is a powerful style in Turkey. People who more into Turkish music can see every style smells traditional 70's rock is psychedelic folk rock pop is folk pop..jazz is folk passion for music is (prog/psych) folk (rock) i am happy with this situation :)

Cem Karaca produce many albums but 2 of them is noticible for me..the one is Safinaz album, (released in 78) first theathral prog rock of Turkey..the other
other one is Bindik bir alamete (1999) as many says when a band/artist getting older not only the band/artist become popular but also the work becomes popular.
you can hear some traditional instruments like zurna,davul,ney in this album.Also some of the well known musicians like Uğur Dikmen, Cahit Berkay (moğollar), Engin Yörükoğlu (moğollar), Ahmet Güvenç (kurtalan express) took part of this album. One of my favorite..keep listening.

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Thanks for being so obliging with reuploading!

This song is very cool: it sounds like a Turkish band with Fella from Jumbo on the vocals. Please reupload!

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