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Gaa - "Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus" {Germany} [1974] (Kraut)

01. Uranus 9.45
02. Bossa Rustical 4.07
03. Tanz Mit Dem Mond 7.26
04. Mutter Erde 6.59
05. Welt Im Dunkel 7.07
06. GAA 7.33
Album Legnth: 42.57

Werner Frey - Guitar, Vocals
Stefan Dorr - Drums, Vocals
Werner Jungmann - Vocals, Congas
Gunter Lackes - Organ - Piano, Vocals
Peter Bell - Bass, Flute, Vocals

Named after the Greek Earth goddess, Gaa was an obscure band from Sarrland, Germany where they formed in 1973. While gigging in mid-1973 they were asked to record an album by Alfred Kerston, owner of Kerston records. The recording session was quite hurried due to the lack of funds, which becomes evident in the mix which sounds rather tinny. The album received an extremely limited release of only 300 copies in 1974. In 1975, the band began to record some new material but managed to complete only three songs, roughly half-an-albums worth. Again, they were wrought with financial difficulties. In 1978 the band called it quits and their second album remained unfinished. Subsequently, Garden Of Delights has recently released 'Alraunes Alptraum', a CD which comtains the 1975 recording session along with some solo work from the 80's to help bring the running time over 40 minutes.

Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus 1974
Alraunes Alptraum 1999 (recorded 1975)

Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus (Kerston 1974)
One of the monsters of Krautrock, the original release of 'Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus', limited to 300 vinyl copies, is certainly one of the most sought after LP's. GAA were one of the few bands that stuck with German vocals and in my opinion this is probably the best all-German album! 'Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus' begins in grand cosmic fashion with the track 'Uranus'. This track builds slowly with acoustic guitar, organ and other-worldly vocals similar to those heard on My Solid Ground's 'Dirty Yellow Mist'. 'Uranus' contains a middle section with celestial vocals and organ owing much to Richard Wright's work on Saucerful, as well as a powerful chorus with haunting lyrics:

"Hate is the power that rules the world and it is fear that will bring it to death; violence which threatens all life, in the end there's always destruction and death."

Following this is 'Bossa Rustical', an outstanding upbeat instrumental with fancy acoustic guitar, catchy lead guitar and great percussion. Track three, 'Tanz Mit Der Mund' is very reminiscent of Blitzkrieg-era Wallenstein; dominated musically by symphonic piano the song has a slight hint of space rock. 'Mutter Erde' is a heavy rocker which at times reminds me of Deep Purple with its heavy guitar sound and prominent hammond organ. 'Welt Im Dunkel' is an interesting mixture of blues, cosmic choral lines and spacey organ which will have you wishing for more. The final track 'GAA' begins as a blues jam highlighted some great lead guitar and jazzy flute before taking a sudden and unexpected turn towards space rock four minutes into the song. Dramatically, the song ends with a powerful Saucerful-esque chord sequence. For those audio quality minded individuals out there, please note that the Ohrwaschl CD was mastered from vinyl and contains a good amount of surface noise. My hope is that Garden of Delights picks it up and gives it the treatment it deserves! [4.5/5 Doug]

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