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Synkopy - "Slunecni Hodiny" {Czechoslovakia} [1981] (Symph. Rock) (kindly submitted by Laci)

Hello, prognotfrog.
My name is Laci. I have written yet. I have one link to wonderful band
from Czechoslovakia - Synkopy - Slunecni hodiny (1981). They played
original sympho-rock in best traditions of this genre. They are one of the most
well-known band in the world from this country (together with Olympic,
Modry Efekt and others) :)

Slunecni Hodiny/Synkopy & Oldrich Vesely (Czech Republic)

1.Introdukce 2:54
2.Hul V Slunecnich Hodinach 6:04
3.Jsi Nadhrne Praveka 8:21
4.Intermezzo 2:14
5.Cerny Racek 7:41
6.Klavesove Extempore 4:03
7.Vodopad 7:28
8.Toulka Je Obla 7:28

Total 42:29


Oldrich Veselyi Micromoog, ARP Omni, Clavinet,Fender piano,Piano,Vocal
Vratislav Lukas Ac. guitar,Micromoog, Ckavinet, Cello, Vocal
Pavel Pokorny Micromoog, ARP Omni, Fender piano, Violin, Vocal
Emil Kopriva El. guitar, Vocal
Petr Smeja El. guitar
Jiri Rybar Drums, Percussion, Micromoog, Vocal

links in comments..

Thank you Laci!!


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Thanks.! .. Cheers From Chile

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konečně něco českýho.

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Víc českýho zde: Ale vždy jen po jednom...

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