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Phoenix - "Cantofabule" {Romania} [1975] (Prog Folk) (kindly submitted by Marcus)

The beginnings of Romanian band PHOENIX must called back from the 60's. They released a few EPs during this period, featuring several original compositions and some covers of BEATLES songs. Unfortunately (or fortunately, God knows) the communist officials were not impassive regarding their western style and music and started to create them some problems. Despite all opinions, the leader Nicolae Covaci abandoned the beat influences and instead turned to archaic Romanian music as the source of inspiration. Their journey to old Romanian folklore begin with "Cei Ce Ne-au Dat Nume" continues with "Mugur De fluier" (subtitled Introduction for an old Romanian music concert) and ends with "Cantofabule", a poem inspired by medieval books (bestiars) dedicated to mythical creatures.

The work of PHOENIX is a pleasant guide through Romanian spirit and meanwhile some really progressive pages. Living guitar, nice bass, accurate drums and emotional vocals alongside proper arrangements, originality and musical depth describe three of the best Romanian albums ever."

1. Invocatie (10:13)
2. Norocul Inorogului (3:19)
3. Scara Scarabeului (2:20)
4. Definul, Dulce Dulful Nostru (5:49)
5. Uciderea Balaurului (4:35)
6. Stima Casei (2:21)
7. Pasarea Calandrinon (5:50)
8. Filip Si Cerbul (4:30)
9. Vasiliscul Si Aspida (3:55)
10. Sirena (3:45)
11. Pasarea Roc..k And Roll (5:32)
12. Canticlu A Cucuveaualiei (7:07)
13. Zoomahia (6:04)
14. Phoenix (3:44)

- Nicolae Covaci / lead guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, double six, blockflote
- Iosif Kappl / bass, vocals, violin, blockflote
- Mircea Baniciu / vocals, guitar
- Ovidiu Lipan / drums, bongos, tympani, gong, chimes, tambourine
- Gunter Reininger / piano, electric piano, synthesizer, celesta, electronic organ


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