Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here & Now - ''Give & Take''{UK}[1978](Psychedelic rock)

Here & Now were the archetypical hippie/punk crossover band and stalwarts of the 70s free festival scene. Although originally formed in 1974 it was at the Watchfield Free Festival of August 1975 where the Here & Now band truly came into being. They regrouped in March of the following year and re-captured the spirit of their first encounter as the "Primal Tapes"; two tracks from this session appearing on the "Gospel Of Free" CD. The summer of '76 was spent touring as many free festivals as possible in the UK before heading off to tour France. At the beginning of 1977 and the end of this first French tour the band recorded a studio and live session for Radio France, and a track from this also appears on "Gospel Of Free". Read more here


Easily the proggiest of Here & Now's output of the 1970s and 1980 (the remainder of their albums focus on progressive songwriting, incorporating ever deeper punk and reggae influences), "Give and Take" possesses something of a mysterious otherworldly quality and comes highly recommended, despite the fact that I can't really award masterpiece status, mainly because of "This Time".Full Review: Here

Here & Now - Improvisation:
Here & Now - Give & Take:


EelaFree said...

Here & Now - ''Give & Take''

Mr Snookles said...

I've had this on crappy vinyl for 30 years, now I can hear it anew

Anonymous said...

superb album . thanks

Tilly said...

If anyone can find a download link to HERE & NOW - ALL OVER THE SHOW I'd be eternally grateful.I have a vinyl copy but no turntable and it's my favourite here and now album and one of only two that I'm missing the other being UFOASIS.Great blog and great to see that people still remember Here & Now.

isabelbc said...

hi Tilly,


enjoy! :o)

serf said...

Is anyone out there who can post Igra Stalkenih
Thanks for the great blog....

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