Monday, December 18, 2006

Maneige - ''Maneige''{1975}[Canada](Quebecois Fusion)

Just four mostly instrumental tracks (there is some singing into one track and it sounds good also), of which Jean-Jacques is really the highlight but all of them shine hard and brilliant, solid and fluid. The style is very much , as its successor Les Porches , a sort of fusion but it really holds a great content of classical music, but nothing stolen from the historical composers. If it were not for the sheer power of this music , I could be talking of chamber prog, but this would be hard to see this played in a salon of the haute-bourgeoisie as the intensity of the music would blow away the glass windows even with triple glass.(Hugues Chantraine)

Upload on request. Links in comments...


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AeH said...

Thank you so much! Jean-Jacques is one of the tracks I listen to periodically on progarchives, and I'd been looking for the album.

Leo said...

Bonjour from Montréal

Just discovered your blog :)
Thank you sooo very much!!
We had all these vinyls of course! Could still be in a box somewhere ...
Haven't listened in such a long while!!!

Merci Beaucoup!!

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